At Dextra our commitment to service has been at the forefront throughout our history spanning more than forty years in the UK lighting market. Our service ethos extends beyond design and delivery, we believe supporting your installation throughout the warranty period is equally crucial, whilst the strength and longevity of Dextra Group provides peace of mind that our warranty will be supported throughout.

The Dextra range is supplied with a five year warranty commencing from the date of delivery. During the first three years defects will be repaired on site and the warranty will include both parts and labour. For the final two years drivers, emergency modules, wireless modules, sensors and LED circuits will be supplied free of charge to replace defective components, labour and other associated costs are not included.

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Certain ranges and components are subject to exemptions:

  • Lithium batteries are provided with a three year warranty for parts and labour. Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium batteries are provided with a one year warranty for parts and labour.
  • Emergency luminaires including AME LED, EXI LED, EXI2 LED, EXI Track, HBE LED, HBE2 LED, OAT2 LED, OEZ LED and Twinspot with Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are supplied with a one year warranty for parts and labour. Lithium variants of these ranges are supplied with a three year warranty for parts and labour with the exception of the AME2, EXI3, HBE3 and TWS IP65 L7 ranges which are supplied with a one year parts and labour warranty.
  • Protec Micro, 7W Fire Rated Downlights and Serenus are provided with a  five year replacement luminaire only warranty.
  • Controls systems such as standalone sensors, switches, marshalling boxes and cabling are provided with a one year warranty for both parts and labour. DALI control systems are provided with a two year warranty for both parts and labour.
  • LEDextra ranges including Glide Power, Glide Mini, Glide RGBW, Colour Glide, Glide In Ground and AluLED ranges are supplied with a three year parts or replacement luminaire only warranty.
  • LEDEX ranges are supplied with a three year replacement luminaire only warranty.


All warranties are subject to correct use of the product and will be invalidated by misuse, for example incorrect installation, unsuitable environmental conditions or incorrect maintenance. It is the duty of the customer to ensure that all the fault lies with the luminaire prior to requesting replacement parts or site repairs. In the event that no defect is found with the product our costs for attending site will be recharged to the customer and credit will not be issued against returned products. No consequential losses incurred resulting from any defect with our product will be reimbursed.

Given the nature of LED technology a small percentage of LEDs may fail during the lifetime of a luminaire, this does not cause a reduction in lumen output. As such LED luminaires are only deemed to be faulty for warranty purposes when in excess of ten percent of LEDs have failed in a single luminaire

On site repair of products under warranty will be undertaken during normal working hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and will require unrestricted access to luminaires. Where required Dextra will provide access equipment to carry out repairs at height, should luminaires have been installed in locations where reasonable provision for maintenance access has not been made we reserve the right to supply replacement product only.

If you require any assistance with regards to our products please contact our Customer Services department on 01747 858100.

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100