With rising energy costs and pressure for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint there is ever increasing demand for intelligent controls within the lighting industry.

The Dexsor product range offers presence detection and daylight regulation controls solutions for applications as diverse as schools and offices through to high level logistics, warehousing and manufacturing.


Dextra Group recognise that hard wired installations can be both costly and time consuming. Our range of programmable and non-programmable modular wiring systems can make installations far more quick and efficient.


Automatic testing of emergency fittings is far more cost effective and reliable than manual testing. Our range of Autotest emergency fittings are both simple and versatile, features encouraged by current British standards.

About Dexsor Detection

Dextra Group recognised a unique opportunity not only to incorporate such controls into our product ranges but to develop a bespoke range of controls designed specifically for luminaire types and application areas allowing us to tailor sensor performance and functionality to the environment.

Dexsor was established with this principal in mind, and from this premise a wide range of unique sensors have been developed for applications as wide ranging as offices, schools and hospitals to logistics and cold storage.

The Dexsor ethos has since evolved beyond this into a custom electronics company, allowing us to develop lighting control solutions unique to your application, maximising energy savings with consideration for existing infrastructure. From integral sensors to radio control systems Dexsor can tailor a solution to your application and installation to meet your every need with a focus on custom functionality and minimal total cost of ownership.

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100