A nationwide, reliable and efficient resource for all recycling of luminaire lighting products.

Dexreco Ltd., a registered AATF, caters for all luminaire disposal needs quickly and efficiently via our established UK logistic network; a responsibility that the end client can do without. Using Dextra Group’s own liveried fleet of vehicles, complete with Manitous for self loading, Dexreco collects old product from site at the client’s convenience.

Virtually all collections are made by Dextra Group vehicles on a “back load” meaning that instead of a vehicle returning empty after making a delivery, it will stop off and make a collection. This effectively halves the amount of carbon pollution caused by the transportation of the end of life luminaires.


To arrange collection of your end of life lighting, please call us on 01747 858100 or email sales@dexreco.co.uk. One of our advisors will assist you from there.

Lowbays & Modulars

  • Remove lamps.
  • Stack the fittings neatly on a pallet to a maximum height of 1.2 metres.
  • Secure fittings to the base of the pallet.


  • Remove the lamps, reflector domes and glass.
  • Place all high Bay bodies, chains and glass into the crates provided.
  • Stack remaining domes on top of one another and secure to a pallet base.

Battens, other fittings & packaging

  • Remove lamps.
  • Place fittings and fixing into the crates provided.
  • Packaging such as cardboard and shrink wrap can also be placed in the crates.


Dexreco aim to collect your recycled consignments within 5 days of request. Over 95% of collected products are recycled or reused, ensuring that harmful chemicals such as mercury are disposed of properly. Not only does this reduce landfill disposal, but also reduces the energy required to produce future materials.

Our friendly team of advisors can provide advice and information on how to recycle in line with current WEEE legislation and how it affects your business.

A single phone call to Dexreco will ensure that all of your end of life lighting is disposed of safely and responsibly, in line with current WEEE legislation. Call or Email us today to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a free quotation. CALL 01747 858100

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100