An introduction to Dextra Wireless Solutions

Luminaire controls provide a wide range of benefits to end users, improving energy consumption and return on investment as well providing improved flexibility and control with fault reporting, energy consumption monitoring and emergency testing. In retrofit applications where cabling can not accommodate the necessary BUS wiring the cost of installing such as system can be prohibitive.

Dextra wireless solutions now allow a full range of control options using wireless data transmission eliminating the need to install additional wiring that would be required for a traditional DALI installation.

With a wide range of wireless solutions available in our range the functionality of your system can be selected to best meet the needs of your application allowing a wide range of luminaire control with luminaires only requiring a live, earth and neutral wiring connection and no need to modify your cabling installation.

Dextra wireless solutions can be installed in a wide range of luminaires from our range, please discuss your needs with our sales team who will be happy to help find the correct controls solution and product type for your project.

Dextra Wireless Reacta-Air Solution

The Reacta-Air Wireless Solution provides an integral sensor per luminaire with both infrared and wireless connectivity. The wireless system is used to commission luminaires using a mobile phone app to adjust sensor settings and to set groups of luminaires. When grouped together all luminaires within that group communicate via wireless to trigger and respond to daylight and motion simultaneously.

This solution is ideal for open plan offices where luminaires can be grouped to ensure adequate light levels above workers in areas that aren’t fully occupied or in corridors where the entire corridor can be fully lit from motion at a number of entrance points, the Reacta-Air wireless system allows for flexible lighting control without the associated component and commissioning cost of a complete control system.


Reacta-Air Bluetooth

The app is available to download from the Android Play Store and Apple Store –

Reacta-Air Bluetooth Information (RAS)

Reacta-Air Bluetooth Apps User Manual (RAS)

Reacta-Air Infra-Red

The app is available to download from the Android Play Store and Apple Store –

Reacta-Air Infra-Red Information (EA)

Reacta-Air Infra-Red Datasheet (EA)

Reacta-Air Infra-Red Apps User Manual (EA)

Dextra REACTA-LINK Solution

The Reacta-Link wireless solution provides maximum flexibility and control with a system that can be scaled to the largest of installations.

Each luminaire or device is supplied with an integral wireless module which link together creating a mesh network, a central hub installed on site then allows each wireless device to link with either a tablet, PC or website allowing reporting and emergency monitoring of your entire installation from a single location with no need for additional control cables.

Reacta-Link Information



  • Every luminaire, emergency luminaire and control device from wall switch to sensor is visible on the cloud as an addressed device.
  • Each device can be viewed on a floor plan of the installation.
  • Emergency testing is undertaken automatically, the test results logged and failures automatically highlighted to the website or tablet.
  • Energy consumption can be monitored across your installation.
  • Mains operation of luminaires is monitored and faults automatically reported allowing repairs and maintenance to be rapidly arranged.
  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation adjusted to daylight hours depending on your geographical location and time of year.
  • Complete flexibility of grouping and control of luminaires and devices allowing luminaires to be operated from any sensor or switch in the configuration required and can also be quickly and simply modified should the layout or use of an area change.
  • Reacta-Link offers wireless compatibility with locally switched central battery systems allowing you to centrally monitor the status of your emergency luminaires for driver or LED failures.
  • Reacta-Link is available with DT8 twin channel white tunable functionality allowing adjustment of colour temperatures through the day.


Reacta-Link Sensor
Wireless presence detection and daylight regulation sensors available.

Reacta-Link Wall Switch
The Reacta-Link range includes a range of wireless wall switches which can be linked to other devices within the network and recommissioned with ease as room layouts and requirements change.

Reacta-Link Data Logging
The Reacta-Link system offers a wide range of data logging to allow you to maximise your energy savings and to ensure that your automated emergency tests are fully recorded eliminating the substantial administration costs associated with manual emergency testing and recording.

  • Record all energy usage and savings made over previous lighting installations
  • Record all emergency testing, both functional tests and annual duration tests as well as any test failures and rectification requirements.
  • Record sensor activations to log foot fall to allow you to optimise energy savings depending on area usage.

Dextra Wireless Reacta-Wave Solution

The Reacta-Wave Wireless system offers similar benefits to the Reacta-Air Wireless sensor, however is designed to be incorporated into sealed luminaires where a microwave sensor is required to maintain the IP rating of the luminaire.

The Reacta-Wave wireless sensor incorporates both a photocell and microwave presence detection system enabling the sensor to respond to changes in both daylight and motion. Each sensor incorporates a wireless transmitter and receiver that allows it to communicate with other sensors up to a range of 10M. This system is supplied complete with an easy to use app suitable for use on tablets and mobile phones that allows the sensor settings to be configured, and also to link the sensors together so that if any one sensor is triggered the other luminaires in the same group will also be activated. The Reacta-Wave Wireless system also comes complete with a range of features such as statistical reporting allowing the operating hours of luminaires, switching cycles and power consumption to be logged.

By using a bluetooth commissioning system the sensors can be set up very quickly and simply as only the luminaires in the immediate proximity of the commissioner will be communicable allowing sensors to be grouped far faster than is possible with a traditional DALI system.

As with all Dextra Wireless systems no BUS wiring is required for the installation of these luminaires, they only need to be connected with live, earth and neutral connections therefore allowing a fully linked sensor system to be installed without the associated cost of including BUS wiring.

The app is available to download from the Apple Store – DOWNLOAD NOW

Reacta-Wave Information



Dextra Reacta-Dim Solution

Where only power cabling is installed yet customers need to introduce wall switch control to enable luminaires to be turned on and off or dimmed up and down Reacta-Dim offers the ideal solution.

Reacta-Dim provides a wireless receiver in each luminaire which can be grouped with a wireless wall switch enabling the introduction of controls without any of the disruption or cost associated with rewiring an installation to introduce control cabling. The Reacta-Dim wall switch is battery powered further simplifying installation and ensuring it can be positioned in any suitable location without any concern for connecting mains power. Grouping of luminaires and wall switches is undertaken through a mobile phone app which is available in both Android and Apple variants.

Reacta Dim Information


At Dextra we can support you throughout the choice of your wireless installation including product selection, site surveys, specification of the wireless system and components through to commissioning and after sales support. Please ensure that all luminaires for use with Dextra wireless controls are specified with DALI control gear and emergency modules to ensure compatibility

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(+44) 01747 858100