Major blue chip client in the city

Dextra Lighting have recently completed a project with a major blue chip client in the city. The company required a bespoke solution to replace the existing lighting with energy efficient fittings that would provide reduced running costs and maintenance savings whilst having a driver compatible for a new building management system.

A particular challenge was that the building is listed so the aesthetic appearance couldn’t differ from the current installation, which meant English Heritage were involved in the product proposal.

The client wanted to retain the existing housing and diffuser so working under strict specification Dextra’s solution was to build a retrofit gear tray with a specially selected diffuser over the LED board that had an optic matching the appearance of a T8 circular lamp to be fitted in the existing housings.

The original T8 were becoming obsolete and were inefficient. A proposal was presented and after due diligence, Dextra was selected to partner and develop samples for trial. After a successful trial period a small area was fitted as a working trial area and all requirements were met. Savings showed a 66% energy saving along with an annual CO2 saving of 76683.3kg CO2 kg of CO2. This means the project achieved five times the life expectancy and significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs. At the end of 2019 Dextra were awarded an order to provide the roll out to all floors of the building.