Haskins Garden Centre

Haskins Garden Centres is a business steeped in history. The Haskin name first became known in 1882 in Dorset when Harry Haskins founded a nursery in Poole.

Today, his great grandson Warren is Chairman of the business which is still developing at a fast rate. Known all around the world for its innovative and inventive approach to garden retailing, there have been significant milestones in the success of the business.

In 1994 the business relocated to a new 10-acre site in Ferndown, Dorset. This new garden centre provided a great environment for an extended range of plants and garden accessories and included a 260-seater restaurant, one of the largest privately owned restaurants in the south.

Since then Haskins has grown through development and acquisition. The company now operates five of the largest destination garden centres in the country and has ambitious plans to expand further over the next few years.

Haskins strives to be socially and environmentally responsible. The company is continually working towards further reducing wastage, sourcing ethically and supporting its local communities as well as increasing water and energy efficiency, including using the most efficient lighting possible.


Dexretail worked with the team at Haskins Garden Centre in Snowhill, Crawley with the aim of delivering some very specific lux levels to their walls, floor and ceilings. This formed part of Haskins’ drive to use the most efficient lighting possible to fit in with its overall environmental aims.

After two years of work with their consultants and trial installations with various products, Dexretail opted to design a bespoke solution to meet Haskins requirements. This involved the use of three circuit track which provided both the ambient store lighting and illumination to the complex vaulted ceiling above, through the use of a custom luminaire mounted on top of the track.

The two people responsible for this project were Mark Cinicola, Business Development Manager at Dexretail and James Hicks, M&E Consultant at ION Consulting. The contractor was Neptune Building Services.

The ECOPAK LED was selected for the main sales floor in the garden centre, which provided a bespoke track-mounted solution facing up and down on both sides of the 3 circuit track.