British Airways Maintenance Hangar

British Airways Maintenance Glasgow (BAMG) is a world leading aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisation based at Glasgow Airport providing full technical support for the Boeing 737 Classic and Airbus A319/320/321 fleets of British Airways aircraft.

The Glasgow unit is part of a UK team of over 2,000 highly skilled engineers working across 30 hangar bays. From here, any maintenance can be delivered from rapid response casualty unit through to major maintenance and structural repairs with a focus on safety, delivery, reliability and value. Its Fleet Support Facility provides component overhaul and mobile on-wing composite and sheet metal repairs. Nose to tail capability is also offered as a service using new diagnostics combined with more reliable technology as well as other technical and engineering services.

Working with Derek McBain at Insterserve FM (who was the client for this project) and British Airways, the main aim was to find energy savings, improve maintenance costs and to improve the quality of lux levels in the hangar at Glasgow Airport, as part of large refurbishment of the hangar and its workshops.


With lux levels in mind and the need for glare control inside, 108 Prosport LED’s were installed in the maintenance hangar for the main task lighting. Dextra also produced a special lumen package to achieve the desired lux level at the floor.
The Prosport LED is made with steel housing, injected moulded polycarbonate end caps and a polycarbonate diffuser ensuring the ability to withstand strikes and knocks.

Known for its high quality, the Prosport LED offers a range of distributions and up to 38,584llm luminaire lumens output allowing your scheme to be designed to give optimum light levels, whilst offering excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance compared to fluorescent and HID sources. The Prosport LED is IK10 rated and manufactured with steel housing, injection moulded polycarbonate end caps and a curved clear polycarbonate diffuser ensuring that the luminaire is robust, durable and able to withstand all strikes whilst eliminating the risk of shattered lamps which can occur with fluorescent or HID luminaires. The product is LM80 verified with 90% LED maintenance at 60,000 operating hours.


Elsewhere, the Tracer LED Lowbay 2 was used in the store and goods areas. This product offers a cost effective and attractive slimline LED solution for high level applications. With design emphasis on minimal cost of ownership the Tracer LED Lowbay 2 is available in three outputs to allow effective replacement for a range of HID luminaires up to 400w, allowing their installation on a one for one basis eliminating the need to modify wiring and minimising installation time. This low-cost installation is combined with highly efficient optical design ensuring that a typical installation will provide energy savings of approximately 45% compared to HID luminaires. Traditional HID sources require regular lamp replacement and suffer from rapid depreciation however the latest branded LEDs used in our Tracer LED Lowbay 2 provide long life with minimal maintenance further reducing the total cost of ownership and ensuring a rapid return on investment. The long design life of our Tracer LED Lowbay is also reinforced with our five year warranty to ensure total peace of mind.

Further benefits are offered with optional integral emergency control gear eliminating the need to install standalone emergency solutions whilst the slimline and low weight construction ensures the product is both attractive and easy to handle. The Tracer LED Lowbay 2 combines rapid return on investment without compromise on design, performance and quality.

For the hangar’s workshop area the Hydra LED was chosen from the Dextra range. This is a ‘great performing’ LED that is also easy to keep clean. The Hydra LED is an LED IP65 rated weatherproof batten luminaire made from high quality injection moulded GRP. The benefits of LED allow Dextra to offer this luminaire in a wide range of outputs with light output ratios in excess of 90% combined with a five-year warranty.


The Hydra LED can also be offered in a range of dimming variants, white tunable and with integral three-hour emergency. Dextra supplies the Hydra LED with stainless steel clips and screws as standard in order to ensure that the luminaire has tooled access in compliance with regulations. The Hydra LED is ideally suited to industrial applications where protection from dirt and dust ingress and light impact is essential, especially in areas where access is difficult and the cost of maintaining traditional fluorescent sources is high. The Hydra LED s suitable for use in applications where the temperature ranges from -20°C to +25°C, ideal for the different conditions experienced in the hangar.



Overview: The Prosport is made with a steel housing, injection moulded polycarbonate end caps and a clear polycarbonate diffuser ensuring the ability to withstand ball strikes from most sports.



Overview: The Tracer Lowbay 2 introduces a cost effective and attractive slimline LED solution for high level applications to the Dextra Lighting range.



Overview: An LED IP65 rated weatherproof batten luminaire made from high quality injection moulded GRP.

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