Retrofit Gear Trays

For many clients a customised retrofit gear tray can prove to be the most cost effective method by which to upgrade to LED, offering all of the benefits of reduced maintenance and energy consumption but at substantially lower cost than complete luminaire replacement. If your lighting installation upgrade to LED has been side-lined due to concerns over the cost of total replacement we would be happy to offer a bespoke solution working with the existing luminaires as we have with hundreds of clients in the past.

  • Retrofit LED gear trays are an excellent solution where infrastructure makes complete replacement of luminaires prohibitively expensive, for example with unusual customised ceiling systems, where asbestos is present, or where luminaire housings are especially high cost for specialist applications and comprise the majority of the value of the luminaire.
  • Optic replacement is commonly included to ensure compliance with BSEN 12464 standards regarding glare, photometry is undertaken to ensure that compliant lux levels and uniformity will still be achieved in your installation.
  • Compliance testing of the retrofit housing is undertaken to ensure that your complete luminaire complies with all applicable standards and the CE mark validity is maintained.
  • This photometric and compliance testing is critical to ensure both the safety and performance of your luminaire, factors which are commonly overlooked with the use of retrofit LED lamps.
  • We demonstrate our confidence in our retrofit solutions by providing 5 year warranty against all parts we supply and CE certification for the entire luminaire.
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(+44) 01747 858100