Dextra Lighting provides a low-energy and financially viable solution for Capability Scotland’s new state-of-the-art Community Hub in Dundee. With staff and customers extremely pleased with the results, the future-proof lighting design will be used as a model for the organisation’s upcoming offices in Edinburgh and other locations in Scotland.

about the client

Capability Scotland works in partnership with the 29 local authorities to give disabled people access to education, care and employment opportunities across Scotland. It provides a range of flexible services to accommodate the needs of both adults and children with disabilities and their carers, running campaigns to protect their civil rights and challenge negative stereotypes about disability.

As part of a recent “modernisation strategy” to improve the accessibility and quality of its services, the organisation has relocated its main outreach centre to City Quay – the heart of Dundee’s regeneration area.

As the first organisation of its kind to be awarded the ISO 9001 quality standard,

Capability Scotland was strongly committed to ensuring that the hub’s new lighting would stand up to the highest levels of energy-efficiency, performance and reliability in years to come.

UK Leaders in energy-saving building design and services, RSP Consulting Engineers LLP, were appointed for the project who in turn selected Dextra Lighting due to its proven track-record of excellence in energy reduction and sustainability in lighting across multiple sectors. Backed by its vast manufacturing, design and transport capabilities, Dextra Group is equipped to meet the demands of all types of time-sensitive, budget constrained, or high-specification lighting projects.

The Brief

The new Community Hub was built to offer a better and more flexible service for disabled people in Dundee. To better serve this purpose the facility’s design plans incorporated the opinions, ideas and feedback of existing customers. The hub is now composed of a number of multipurpose rooms used as administrative and consultative offices, recreational and social areas, a “sensory room”, changing areas, as well as a training kitchen and other amenities. A key factor in the design,

therefore, was flexibility, with lighting controls playing a central role in achieving this.

The new lighting would need to ensure high levels of energy efficiency whilst delivering modern functionality and aesthetics. Full emergency lighting coverage was required as per building safety requirements.

“Using the latest LM80-tested Lumileds LED offering 90% lumen maintenance for the first 60,000 operating hours, the Revox LED consumes approximately 60% less energy than fluorescent equivalents”

The Products

Main Lighting – Revox LED & Reacta 7 Sensors

The Revox LED semi-recessed luminaire was installed in the multipurpose rooms to offer excellent efficiency, versatility and a highly attractive modern design.

Using the latest LM80-tested Lumileds LED offering 90% lumen maintenance for the first 60,000 operating hours, the Revox LED consumes approximately 60% less energy than fluorescent equivalents and avoids the cost and inconvenience of frequent lamp changes.

To maximise the performance of its high-quality LED source, the luminaire features a microprism panel for excellent diffusion paired with curved satine blend polycarbonate wings that produce an up light onto the ceiling, for a complete light coverage.

The luminaire can be customised using a wide range of options including various lumen packages, installation formats, dimming, sensor and emergency functions to adapt to different environments and purpose.

To achieve the required light levels for each room with the most efficient luminaire spacings possible, a 600x600mm, 4400lm version was supplied, complete with 3-hour emergency. Both lay-in and pull-up versions were provided to ensure compatibility with the ceiling grid system.

Luminaires were installed in both fixed output versions, as well as with DSI protocols, to offer flexible lighting control functions throughout the premises, whilst maximising energy savings. Two versions of the passive infrared Reacta 7 flush-mounted sensor were supplied to work with both the dimmable and fixed-output variants. The first offers compatibility with fixed output, non-dimmable luminaires providing a bright-out mode that switches off luminaires when ambient daylight levels are sufficient. The other works in conjunction with the DSI dimming drivers to provide the same bright-out function but also uses a photocell for more advanced daylight regulation. These options allowed the installation to harvest daylight savings whilst providing optimal Lux levels throughout the day.

The sensors offer a wide range of adjustable parameters to tailor detection functions to suit different applications. These can be programmed using a range of infrared tools, including a manual hand held programmer or the REA DPA advanced digital remote control with LCD display. Both tools are user-friendly and offer long battery life with a range of 15m.

By combining high-quality LEDs, highly efficient optic design and sensor controls, the Revox LED has reduced energy and maintenance costs for Capability Scotland for significantly improved returns on investment.

Circulation areas, Kitchen & WC Facilities – Protec LED Downlight

The popular Protec LED range has enjoyed great success across different sectors for its wide range of customisable options, premium performance, long-life / low maintenance benefits and appealing contemporary design.

From a range of lumen outputs, interchangeable reflectors and colour attachments, custom bezels, covers, dimming functions and sensor options, the Protec LED was supplied in a 2000lm package, with a white bezel and white ring attachment (also available in blue, green, and mango) to produce an attractive halo effect onto the ceiling.

Opti-Spec specular reflectors were supplied to achieve the most effective distribution in each area, offering 90% light-output-ratio and excellent diffusion of its Lumileds LEDs. The anodised aluminium reflectors and polycarbonate ring accessories also provide the flexibility to be removed and replaced, making the luminaire adaptable to future changes in layout and colour branding scheme. Fixed output versions were provided and worked with the Reacta 7 sensors to offer a bright-out function where required for additional energy savings.

IP44-rated covers were used in the bathrooms and kitchen (?), which were silicon-sealed to IP65 to offer increased protection to water, dirt and dust ingress and light impact. BSEN 12464 glare compliant versions are also available for areas where computers are in use and added visual comfort.

The Protec LED is designed to save customers money by offering flexible, quick, simple, and therefore cost-effective installation. A practical four-point, self-clamping bracket simplified the fitting process, whilst the luminaire itself is suitable for plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal tile installations in ceilings with thicknesses of up to 30mm.

3-hour maintained self-test emergency lighting was also provided with this product in line with building regulations.

Other products used in this project include the IP65-rated Hydra LED batten luminaire for a durable, energy-saving and low-maintenance solution in the storage areas, and the versatile Pro-Light MINI high-quality LED spotlights to provide accent lighting where required.

Emergency Lighting

In addition to the integral emergency lighting provided with the luminaries above, the AME LED and OAT LED emergency bulkheads were installed in key locations for a complete coverage and exit signage.

High-efficiency Lumileds LEDs allow the AME LED to operate at a significantly lower power load compared to fluorescent counterparts and requires minimal maintenance, whilst its robust IP65-rated polycarbonate base and diffuser make it capable of withstanding more demanding environments.

The luminaire uses a 2.5 Watt LED strip offering a 500-lumen output for a greater light coverage. Stick-on directional legends were supplied with this luminaire to offer appropriate emergency signage where needed.

The OAT LED emergency luminaire was also supplied with an optional LED hanging legend to provide emergency exit and escape route signs. The luminaire can otherwise be supplied in a fully recessed version to offer a discreet appearance.

Its highly efficient diffuser is designed to ensure an optimal distribution with wider luminaire spacings, allowing full coverage to be achieved with fewer luminaires.

The versatile OAT LED is also suitable for lay-in or pull-up applications in plasterboard and suspended ceiling systems.

These reliable, high-performance emergency luminaires are designed and manufactured to BSEN 60598.2.22 product standards and are available with maintained, non-maintained, self-test or auto-test variants.

Content correct at time of writing.

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