Bedlinog Primary School

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council is the governing body for Merthyr Tydfil County Borough, located in the historic County of Glamorgan, one of the Principal Areas of Wales. This flourishing County Borough has an estimated population of 60,183 and takes its name from local town Merthyr Tydfil. The County comprises the northern stretch of the Taff Valley, along with its smaller neighbour, the Taff Bargoed Valley.

Covering such a principal area, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council have continuous work on their hands to maintain and improve the local areas they govern. The council recently approached Dextra, as they had funds available to upgrade local community schools, and wanted to use them wisely, focusing on the buildings which most needed upgrading.

Successfully using Dextra Lighting for many years, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council have established high confidence in our products and service. The council wanted good paybacks on these site refurbishments, and our projected figures have been consistently achieved in both previous and current projects, making Dextra Lighting their preferred choice. We initially targeted five sites, which we reduced to four, following the completion of various surveys on all the schools.

For this particular project, the focus was on Bedlinog Community Primary School, a small State school located in Bedlinog, Treharris. The school caters for pupils aged 3-11 in the communities of Bedlinog and the surrounding areas, providing high quality education and opportunities helping children to meet their full potential and achieve their best. This project formed part of a complete refurbishment of all interior lighting on-site at the school.


Iain Goldsworthy, Les Lewis, and Nathan Pritchard were responsible for the project. The Contractor was Fusion Electrical and Building Services Engineering, and the Dextra Brands involved were Dextra Lighting and Dexsor.

Bedlinog Community Primary School has a Victorian school building. While the school is long past the days of being lit by candlelight, the lighting was definitely in need of an overhaul to bring it up-to-date, and maximise energy savings.

The school has a commitment to energy savings, so it was essential that Dextra Lighting maintain this target. Commissioning was provided by a member of Dextra on site. For this particular site, we chose to install a combination of Dextra Lighting’s MODLED SLIM, AMENITY PLUS LED, EXI2 LED, AMENITY DECORATIVE HALO LED, and our HYDRA LED.

Dextra Lighting’s MODLED SLIM luminaire has proven a popular choice with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. This contemporary LED lighting offers a variety of outputs on-site, which provides excellent uniformity throughout. In the classrooms, we used a variety of controls with DALI, which is proving to have a significant impact on energy savings.

For certain regions of the school, such as the corridors and stairways, we chose to install our Dextra Lighting AMENITY PLUS LED. Our Amenity Plus range is sealed to IP65, making it ideal for use in external areas. However, this lighting is equally suited to various internal applications, including corridors, stairways, toilets, and storage areas.

We installed our slim-line polycarbonate emergency exit sign, the EXI2 LED, at all emergency exit areas located within the school. Dextra’s EXI2 LED is available in both standard and self-test variants and is supplied with pre-wired cable, making it ideal for both surface mounting and rear cable entry.

One of our latest fittings, the AMENITY DECORATIVE HALO LED, had become available in time for this project, and was requested by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council in the brief they provided Dextra. A terrific new addition to our Dextra Lighting product range, our Amenity Decorative Halo LED is suitable for a variety of applications, from canteens, classrooms, and offices, to stairwells, storage areas, and more. This new luminaire combines the aesthetic appeal of our standard Dextra Amenity Decorative LED range, with a soft halo effect that emits a backlight onto the mounting surface. Available in a range of lumen variants (1500, 2000, 3000, or 4000), our new Halo LED is a versatile product. This luminaire also comes available with a variety of dimming, sensor, and emergency options, as well as ring attachments in a choice of white, brass, or chrome.

Finally, we installed our HYDRA LED in the areas of the school in which hygiene is most critical, and protection from dirt and dust ingress and light impact are essential. Dextra Lighting’s Hydra LED is especially ideal in applications involving food and drink, healthcare, and storage areas. We generally recommend this particular LED in areas with limited access where the cost of maintaining traditional fluorescent lighting is high, as well as applications requiring temperature ranges of -20°C to +25°C.

Throughout the project, we had our Dextra brand Dexsor on board to tailor a sensor-based solution for this application, designed to maximise custom functionality while minimising the overall cost of ownership. Every area in the school has been fitted with some form of sensor – from standalone PIRs to integral sensors on fittings – to maximise energy savings on site. For these works, we installed a combination of our Dextra REAF 7 6A LL SENSOR, REAF 7 D15 LL SENSOR, and REA DPA REMOTE CONTROL.

Bedlinog Primary School’s new internal lighting has proven a great success, bringing noticeable aesthetic improvements to the school while also supporting the school’s commitment to energy savings, which are currently averaging 30-40%. Exterior Lighting is still to be completed this year (2020), to finish off the project.


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(+44) 01747 858100