The Discalo LED brings a highly efficient and low maintenance luminaire to our amenity range.


The Discalo LED brings a highly efficient and low maintenance luminaire to our amenity range, complimenting the functionality of the Amenity Plus, Exterior and Decorative ranges with a highly attractive luminaire giving a halo effect with two colour options.

The Dextra Discalo LED range is now available in an LED variant using the latest branded LEDs allowing us to offer a range of functions unique to ourselves. Offering 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 lumen output with a 5 year warranty (terms and conditions apply, please see our warranty page for full details) the 1500 lumen offers similar output to 28W 2D, the 2000 lumen gives similar output to 38W 2D with the benefit of significantly lower energy consumption and the 3000 option is more aimed towards the Circular T5 models.

In order to further your energy savings, the Discalo LED can also be offered with an integral microwave sensor giving presence detection and a bright out function. The sensor can be offered in either an on / off variant, or with a bi-level dimming function to dim the LED to 10% output offering continuous background lighting where required for health and safety and to provide reassurance to pedestrians.  LM80 verified: 90% LED lumen maintenance at 60,000 operating hours.

The rear diffuser of the Discalo can be removed with a twist lock action allowing for easy access for installation and maintenance and is available in either white or blue options allowing you to customise the halo effect. The blue halo is commonly used in areas where a decorative finish is required such as receptions, retail applications, bars and restaurants, whilst the white halo is more commonly used in applications such as corridors and stairways.

  • CE
  • IP20
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