The Reacta R11 sensor is an integrally mounted high level wide angled lensed PIR sensor which enables a luminaire to operate in bi-level lighting mode with the addition of lights off function.

Mounting Type: Integral
Minimum Mounting Height: 2M
Maximum Mounting Height: 16M
Presence Detection: With
Daylight Control: No Daylight Control
Detection Type: PIR
Detection Diameter: 20M (W)
Output: DALI
Programmer: REA-AP
Functions: High Time Delay, Low Time Delay, Low Light Level, High Light Level, Fade Time

Features & Benefits

  • Passive infrared PIR occupancy detection.
  • Integrally mounted within the luminaire.
  • Bi-level dimming with optional lights turn off function.
  • Wide angled lens for open area detection.
  • Ingress protection in accordance with luminaire IP rating.
  • Programmable via infrared programming tool REA AP.


  • Industrial areas
  • Warehouses
  • Back of house stocking areas
  • Cold stores
  • Industrial freezers

Technical Data

  • Technology – PIR.
  • Occupancy mode (presence) .
  • Area coverage 30m x 30m @16m mounting height.
  • Nominal voltage 230v, 50/60Hz.
  • DALI
  • Ingress protection relative to luminaire.
  • Fascia colour white or black.
  • Ambient operating temperature range -40°C to +35°C.
  • Standby Power 0.36W

Adjustable Parameters

  • Adjustable parameters via REA AP programme.
  • High time delay – [30sec. to 60min. (continuous)].
  • Low light level – [1% to 100%].
  • Low time delay – [30sec. to 60min. (continuous or off)].
  • Fade-down time – [3sec. to 300sec. (off)].
  • Fade-up time – [3sec. to 300sec. (off)].
  • High Light Level.


Sensor Detection

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100