The importance of daylight regulation and its impact on working environments comes to light

Gone are the days of early office working, where it was believed that artificial light was far superior to natural daylight.

Previously it was commonly indicated by research that the most effective way to work was ‘under uniform electric light, and little or no benefit was recognised in providing daylight as a source of illumination.’ (1)

Advancements in research studies over the last decade have shed light on the benefits that natural daylight brings to working environments. This advancement and shift in opinion was as a direct result of a study linking a lack of natural daylight to decreased productivity within workforces.

There is compelling research conducted to suggest a direct correlation between “workplace daylight exposure and office workers’ sleep, activity and quality of life.” (2)

When it comes to providing your workforce with both a quality and comfortable environment, coupled with the correct required lighting within the workspace, the lighting used within that setting is of paramount importance.

Through the adoption of proper lighting strategies, a positive impact correlates with the productivity of workforces. There is also a general assumption that productivity is related to a workplace environment which is well-designed and illuminated by daylight. (3)

With crucial health benefits and increased productivity in mind, the importance of daylight dimming controls comes into the forefront when considering suitable office lighting solutions.

With this in mind, Dextra Group PLC.’s state-of-the-art daylight regulation lighting controls enable the effect of natural light to be maximised, whilst lowering the dependency on artificial lighting.

The importance of daylight detection

How does a daylight regulation sensor work?
  • State- of- the-art sensors respond to changes in lighting levels and the presence of natural daylight in a specific area.
  • When natural daylight intensifies the light level within this specific area, the output of artificial light produced by the luminaire is significantly reduced.
  • The change in the natural lighting level is detected by the sensor and works by dimming the luminaire to the appropriate output.
  • This results in a means of maintaining a constant, appropriate lighting level within that environment and a lower dependency on artificial light and a more balanced lit environment with a crucial general uplift.

Through accurately regulating a luminaire alongside the natural daylight which is available not only maximises energy savings, but lowers the dependency on artificial light. This also results in the greatest energy savings being achieved in areas which have high levels of natural daylight.

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Among Dextra Lighting’s extensive range of office lighting and commercial lighting solutions are the Dexled, Revox LED and Modled, all of which are available with dimming features to make the most of the natural daylight surroundings and enhance the specific environment.


The DEXLED LED luminaire boasts an attractive combination of a traditional louvre design and delivers all the sought-after benefits of LED technology, making it both a stylish and cost-effective choice for a range of commercial applications.

The MODLED Office is a perfect solution for office lighting, due to its specific design for applications where monitors are in use. Through its impressive design to comply with the latest BSEN 12464 glare requirements coupled with its availability in dimming, emergency and sensor control options makes it an ideal choice for a range of office environments and educational establishments (not all variants comply).

Revox LED office lighting solution

The relaunched REVOX LED incorporates Dextra Lighting’s latest LED lighting sources. The popular luminaire boasts all the advantages and flexibility of the fluorescent Revox luminaire combined with dimming, emergency and sensor control options, whilst also delivers energy savings through low power consumption and offers minimal maintenance.

The combination of precision-engineered luminaires and state-of-the-art lighting controls allow the delivery of a more pleasant working environment, allowing employers to reap all the benefits of what natural daylight and well-balanced lighting can bring to their workforce.


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