Customers visiting Westerly MINI’s extravagant new showroom are greeted by Dextra Lighting’s bespoke luminaries.

The Exeter based showroom has undergone major refurbishment work to enhance the fun and exciting brand identity of the iconic car manufacturer. Now completed, the showroom makes a clear statement with its slick yet playful look, but most of all by brandishing its pièce-de-résistance; a near full-sized model of a yellow MINI hatchback mounted vertically across the front wall. The dealership has created a spectacular, yet image-conscious retail space, colourfully paying tribute to MINI’s British roots and sporting history.

Dextra Lighting were originally approached by PCB Group contracts manager Tom Potts to help completely transform the showroom, by providing a lighting solution that would reinforce the company’s racy and playful image. The showroom was also intended to host lively promotional events such as the launch of new MINI models, so the lighting was to play a crucial role in creating eye-catching displays and an altogether vibrant atmosphere.

The brief required an increase of light intensity in the car display area, raising it from a previous level of 500 Lux to an optimum 800 Lux. The lighting bodies were to be transparent or finished in black to adhere to the desired colour scheme and style. Since the layout of the cars and other promotional features was to be subject to continuous change, adjustable directional lighting was essential to accommodate movement in the display area.

The Gyro-Light takes centre stage

The Gyro-Light fulfilled every criteria for the interior display area. Available in a variety of head configurations (single, twin, triple and quadruple) in either LED or CDM-T with 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures, each recessed gimbal head is capable of pivoting and rotating independently, giving the client extra flexibility to adjust the lighting to moving displays. With its robust steel outer housing powder painted in black and adjustable die cast luminaire heads, the sturdy and attractive Gyro Light is the ideal choice for busy retail environments with frequent display changeovers.

The Gyro-Light took centre stage in the extensive lighting upgrade, with a high number of luminaires in single, twin and quadruple configurations and varying lumen outputs successfully highlighting the cars on display and projecting a bright, inviting light over the visitor seating areas. The combination of individually adjustable heads and adaptable range of lumen outputs between 1400lm and 3000lm for LED variants, provided the client with a flexible, user-friendly and efficient lighting solution for its stylish retail environment.

Installation of the Gyro-Light is made quick and simple, as the luminaire is delivered fully assembled and ready to go (complete with lamps for CDM-T option). Customers can also be supplied with prewired leads of their preference to minimise installation time further.

Total makeover – Total service

Westerly MINI were not simply concerned with having an attractively lit car display area but were looking for a complete lighting refurbishment. As result, Dextra Lighting provided an all-inclusive lighting solution that would attend to all aspects of the business premises.

To begin with, the durable Amex LED was installed under the canopy outside the showroom’s main entrance. The Amenity Exterior range is sealed to IP54 and is manufactured from die cast aluminium with injection moulded polycarbonate diffusers, making it ideal for external use. However, with three available body styles: “open front”, “grille cover” where additional impact resistance

is required, or “eyelid” for areas where uplight is undesirable, it can be tailored to suit a range of internal applications such as corridors, stairways, toilets and storage areas. All three body styles are available in black, white and matt silver to suit the client’s practical and aesthetic needs.

With 1500 or 2000 lumen outputs and light output ratios in excess of 80%, this product range gives similar performance to traditional fluorescent sources but with the added benefit of LED’s significantly lower energy consumption.

“Using highly efficient Philips LED sources, the MODLED Office guarantees that a 400 Lux average is always achieved with luminaire spacings as large as 3 m² “

The dealership’s offices were furnished with MODLED Office luminaires which are designed specifically for areas where monitors are in constant use. Abiding to stringent BSEN 12464 glare requirements, the MODLED Office microprism optic with high transmission opal diffuser ensures that the luminaire output meets the 3000 candela limit recommended for busy office environments.

Using highly efficient Philips LED sources, the MODLED Office guarantees that a 400 Lux average is always achieved with luminaire spacings as large as 3 m². Therefore, the MODLED Office combines compliance with ECA, L2 and BSEN 12464 requirements with optimum performance, allowing installations to be designed with the minimum of luminaires, capital cost and energy consumption.

For the building’s WC facilities, the Protec LED downlight was delivered in a 3000lm output option,


offering the client an ultra-efficient solution, with an array of adaptable features. Relaunched with 20% improvement in energy efficiency and a competitive LOR in excess of 90%, the Protec LED is a prime example of Dextra Lighting’s policy of constant product development in action.

Available in 1100, 2000 and 3000 lumen packages, numerous polycarbonate colour attachments and reflectors that can be easily removed and replaced prior to installation, the Protec LED is a highly versatile solution, adaptable to the client’s branding colour schemes and décor.

The Protec Led’s versatility extends to its installation capabilities. Suitable for plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal tile installation with ceiling thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 30mm, the luminaire can be fitted in most environments.

A four point self clamping spring bracket also enables for quick and easy installation. In addition, the Protec range is offered with DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) dimming and an integral 3 hour emergency lighting option.

To enhance the building’s safety, the LED3 module served as additional support for the integral emergency packs installed with the showroom’s main lighting. LED3 standalone emergency units were fitted in optimum positions, offering greater coverage in the event of an emergency. With wide operating temperatures of 0ºC to +35ºC, the luminaire is suitable for a variety of different applications, including general emergency lighting, corridors and escape routes.

The LED3 is manufactured to BS EN 60598.2.22 product standards, delivering a high performance low wattage LED light source for increased energy savings.The versatile LED3 is also suitable for surface mounting and installation into plasterboard and suspended ceiling systems.

For the dealership’s workshops and storage areas, the Herald T5 provided a cost effective T5 fluorescent option to suit the client’s budget management. Suitable for a range of industrial and retail applications, the Herald T5 offers an efficient and flexible alternative to 250W/400W HID luminaires.

Its rear access to the terminal block and optional quick fix mounting brackets help minimise installation times. In addition, its two reflector design, with twin lamps per reflector facilitate both installation and future maintenance.

All products were offered with Dextra’s 5 year warranty for further information click here, providing Westerly MINI with additional peace of mind.

Finally, as part of its commitment to providing a total service to its customers, Dextra Group’s subsidiary company; Dexreco, promptly and safely disposed of all the replaced light fittings in accordance with WEEE legislation. Dexreco offers customers a comprehensive luminaire recycling solution, making the disposal and recycling of lighting easier, quicker and cost effective. All recycled consignments were successfully collected within 5 days of request.

Once again, the Dextra Lighting team were extremely responsive to the client’s sophisticated requirements; from providing pleasing aesthetics and continuity in style to solving issues of practicality and safety. Most importantly however, Dextra Lighting met all these challenges whilst creating substantial energy savings for Westerly MINI in years to come.

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(+44) 01747 858100