Regatta, a leading UK outdoor and leisure clothing company, selected Dexeco to provide fluorescent luminaires as part of recent warehouse expansion. After Dexeco was selected for the large-scale project, extensive trials were conducted in order to test the performance of various sensors at the required mounting height of 20m.

With a host of features and sensor control, the precision engineered Verteco T5 fluorescent luminaire was selected for the warehouse space at Regatta’s new premises in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

The Verteco is suitable for a wide range of applications including factories, distribution facilities and warehouses, workshops and high level retail premises. Various sensor options allow for open area, racking aisle and high racking aisle use and are suitable for operating within a temperature range of 0°C to 35°C.

The R14 sensors are programmed through the user friendly REA-AP remote control. It enables Regatta staff to commission installations themselves from floor level. The Verteco T5 is the most versatile, advanced and energy reducing high level luminaire in its class. Boasting a combination of flexibility, an impressive Light Output Ratio in excess of 90% and multiple lamp configurations.

The selection of the Verteco mirrors Regatta’s ethos of a dedication to quality. Superb features combined with versatility, high performance and ease of use makes the Verteco a winning luminaire choice for the outdoor clothing specialist.

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100