Noss Marina – South Devon College

The Noss on Dart Marina sits at the heart of life on the River Dart in Dartmouth, South Devon.

Established in 1994, and operated by Premier Marinas, which owns eight of the UK’s most prestigious marinas, Noss Marina has been under constant development over the last few years to meet its owners ambition to be the finest marina operator in the UK by providing its customers with quality marinas in key locations, backed up by excellent customer service.

Premier Marinas is owned by the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation that exists to improve health for everyone. Wellcome has a diversified investment portfolio and a long-term approach to investment, as a result of which it aims to spend around £1 billion a year supporting scientists and researchers in biomedicine, the humanities and the social sciences, and public engagement and education in these fields.

To ensure that the organisation is successful in reaching its business goals, it continues to invest in its marinas and staff training.

The redevelopment of the Noss Marina is part of a wider development in the area including a hotel, apartments, a commercial unit and a control building.

Dextra, having completed a multi-story car park and another commercial building on the site, worked with contractor Mitie Engineering Ltd and consultant Ion-Consultant, to supply lighting for a commercial building and teaching facilities at South Devon College to provide an area to teach students about maintaining boats.


Dextra has wide-ranging experience of working in the industrial and educational sectors, offering a wide-range of suitable products.

Chosen for cost and efficiency, Dextra’s BTEC downlight was used in the circulation areas of the building. The BTEC offers premium quality downlight with high quality LEDs and drivers, excellent efficiency and a five-year warranty, whilst still maintaining cost efficiency.

In the toilet areas, Protec LED’s were fitted. A specular reflector and IP44 secondary cover were specified to meet the IP rating required for wet areas, the Protec LED is the most versatile downlight in the range with a selection of attachments allowing the product to be personalised to suit most applications such as receptions, offices, retail, corridors, meeting rooms, airports, educational establishments and healthcare.

Elsewhere, the cost-effective Siren was selected for use in the plant rooms and workshops in the building. The Siren is an injection moulded IP65 luminaire made from polycarbonate housing and diffuser offering excellent protection against light impact. The Siren is designed with a snap on mounting clips for the rear of the housing to aid suspension and surface mounting, while a flat rear aids installation to conduit and besa box.

To meet with UGR compliance and also to help enhance the aesthetics, Graduate Recessed luminaires were used in the office areas supplied with integral daylight dimming regulation and presence detection.

To provide unobtrusive emergency options, the LED4 was used all over the building, with 52 installed in total. The LED4 incorporates a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery giving greatly extended lifetime over traditional Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride products. Designed to complement mains operated luminaires, the LED4 is a standalone non maintained emergency luminaire and is available in standard, self-test and autotest emergency variants. All luminaires are supplied complete with a range of easily changed lenses for open area, escape route and spot applications ensuring that a single luminaire can be installed across any project and the lenses changed as and when required to provide the required light distribution.

In the workshop area, Dextra’s Typhon luminaire helped to deliver the required high light output and IP ratings. The Typhon is a robust and durable IP65 luminaire suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where protection against water and dust ingress and light impact is critical. The Typhon is available in both 1200mm and 1500mm variants in two housing widths and is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +25°C.

To help provide a decorative, wall-mounted option, Discalo’s were installed in the circulation areas.

Also used to support the need for IP44 ratings in wet and dry rooms in the building, six Modled Slim’s were fitted.

As the building features a sky light in the breakout area, the Rubix Wall was used to overcome the challenge of having nowhere to suspend fittings from.

The Rubix Wall is ideal for receptions and entrances, corridors, offices and schools or decorative column lighting and provides a 50%-up-50%-down distribution contributing to light on walls and ceilings to create an attractive lit environment. The diffuse upward optic provides a broad spread of light onto the walls and ceiling whilst the downward optic is glare controlled ensuring compliance to BSEN 12464.

Rubix Suspended were also used alongside. Offering the same optic design as the recessed and surface family, the Rubix Suspended offers glare compliance to BSEN12464 and UGR19 or below ensuring it can be used in applications such as offices and classrooms whilst matching with the Rubix family allowing a common luminaire design to be used across entire installations.

Offering wall and ceiling mounted options, Amenity Plus LED Circulars were used in the store cupboards. The Amenity Plus range includes premium mid power LEDs offering excellent efficiency and longevity with a lifetime of the L90 at 60,000 operating hours.

Also used on this project was Dextra’s popular exit sign – EXI LED.



Overview: The BTEC Downlight is ideal for customers who need a premium quality downlight with high quality LEDs and drivers as well as excellent efficiency for a rapid return on investment



Overview: The Protec is the most versatile downlight in the range with a selection of attachments allowing the product to be personalised to suit most applications.



Overview: An injection moulded IP65 luminaire made from polycarbonate housing and diffuser offering excellent protection against light impact.



Overview: The LED4 incorporates Lithium batteries as standard giving extended lifetime and warranty reducing ongoing maintenance costs.



Overview: A robust and durable IP65 luminaire with GRP housing for excellent chemical resistance.



Overview: The Discalo brings a highly efficient and low maintenance luminaire to our amenity range.



Overview: The MOD Slim is a highly efficient and versatile backlit modular range of luminaires available in a wide range of housing styles and lumen outputs.



Overview: Complementing our Rubix recessed and suspended ranges, the Rubix Wall offers a visually similar solution for areas where ceiling installations are impractical.



Overview: Utilising the same optic design as the recessed and surface family the Rubix Suspended offers glare compliance to BSEN12464 and UGR19 or below.



Overview: The Amenity Plus Circular is available in lumen outputs ranging from 1500 to 3000 and is manufactured with an injection moulded polycarbonate housing and diffuser.



Overview: The EXI is a versatile emergency exit sign suitable for a wide variety of installation methods, supplied with lithium batteries as standard.

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(+44) 01747 858100