Harper & Keele Veterinary School, University of Keele Campus

Providing students with access to resources from two universities-Harper Adams and Keele, the Harper & Keele Veterinary School provides a ‘unique and agile‘ model for a vet school that meets the challenges of today’s veterinary industry. Harper Adams has a strong pedigree in animal sciences, veterinary nursing, veterinary physiotherapy and agricultural sustainability, whilst Keele has a long history in the life sciences and human medicine. Between them, they have 186 years of heritage in the combined animal, human and environmental health (one health) education sector.

Both institutions are well recognised for their strength in employability, student satisfaction and first-class teaching and they are now focused on expertise in critical areas for the veterinary profession – sustainability, data science and innovation. The unique two-centre school provides students with the opportunity to take advantage of two institutions with not only a common commitment to excellence, but also complementary skill sets and resources.

The Vet School is predicated on a community model of clinical education, whereby university-based teaching from research-active and teaching specialist staff is complemented by a range of vet practice and related vet industry partners.
Having worked with both universities previously as well as with the contractor Gilks of Nantwich, LEDextra designed and supplied lighting for a new building that formed part of on-going refurbishment at the school. Noviniti were the developer.


Dextra successfully overcame certain challenges presented as part of the project. For example, the mesh at the left of front elevation was tricky to light and LEDextra had to provide guidance as to the installation. It also supplied a bespoke 48v Glide Mini fitting against the standard 24v to enable longer runs using one driver per run as the driver positioning was key to the success of this. LEDextra also provided bespoke sizes for its AluLED luminaire to fit the requirements in the lecture theatre, along with a fixed output on the Glide Power as requested by the contractor.

To the right of the front elevation, along the front of the building, the Glide In-Ground was fitted to help light that part of the building more effectively. 74 luminaires were supplied for this. The Glide In-Ground provides a discreet wall grazing solution for both internal and external applications. Manufactured using toughened glass and a stainless steel frame the Glide In-Ground is designed for walk over applications with a 3.5 tonne weight limit and an IK08 impact rating. An IP68 construction and internally potted electronics ensures the Glide In-Ground is designed to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures ranging from -20°C up to +40°C.

This robust design combines with a wide range of colour temperatures, luminaire lengths, and lumen outputs ensuring that the Glide In-Ground can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications. RGBW variants are available where decorative effects need to be achieved to create attractive exterior spaces and to highlight architectural features.

Elsewhere, the Glide Mini was fitted behind the mesh in horizontal stripes to the left of the front elevation of the building as well as around the side elevation. This was chosen as an alternative to the original product specification, providing a luminaire with medium output but in an external continuous linear-run product. Here, 48v were supplied to enable longer runs that cannot be achieved with the standard 24v. For this, 126 of the 1000mm (24W) were supplied as well as four of the 500mm (12W). The Glide Mini offers a high intensity and compact wall grazing solution for both interior and external applications.

Alongside this, another LEDextra family member – the Glide Power – was installed, also to the right of the front elevation at the top of the building so that it was shining downwards. For this project, 7 of the 1190mm versions were installed as well as 35 of the 605mm. The Glide Power is a wall washing solution with one of the highest lumen outputs available. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications with discreet and compact styling. The most popular 10° x 40° or 50° beam angles are available as standard however, many more are available to special order, making this product extremely versatile. The Glide Power is also supplied with DMX drivers as standard. The standard finish is weather resistant RAL9006 powder coat. However custom colours to suit the environment are available, again on special order. The Glide Power is fully potted and has waterproof plug and play connectors so easily achieves its IP67 rating.

In the lecture theatre, to meet the need for indirect accent lighting for installation along the top of the zig zag panelled wall, the AluLED was provided, with 45 supplied. The AluLED is a compact and reliable solution to indirect lighting. The size and simple installation makes AluLED ideal for mounting in tight shadow gaps and under lips. Also, AluLED does away with any requirement for cutting, sticking and soldering that other indirect lighting may require. Available in both 3000k and 4000k colour temperatures, AluLED is extremely versatile, quick and efficient to install.

Also used in the lecture theatres was the Pro-Light Mini Fixed. 8 square Dali versions were supplied in a black finish to tie in with the runway end of runs and to help illuminate the stairwell. The Pro-Light Mini range has been developed to offer clients a comprehensive selection of high-quality LED spot lights for a variety of applications.

Alongside this the Runway Continuous Surface/Suspended was installed in the lecture theatres. 28 were fitted with a black finish and suspended in between suspended rafts which were back lit using ALULED.
The Runway Surface/Suspended was specified for use in the break-out areas with 22 black version supplied and closely suspended in between special wooden formed slats presented in random patterns.
In the office areas, 395 Modled Office luminaires were supplied with DALI dimmable options, alongside 76 Modled Slim luminaires, which were not only fitted in the office but also the laboratories.

Dextra’s popular BTEC was chosen for the circulation and WC areas with 190 supplied in total. With a spun aluminium housing and injection moulded cable retention, the BTEC Downlight provides a seamless single piece white aluminium reflector and bezel.

In the changing areas, 33 Protec LEDs were installed. The Protec LED is the most versatile downlight in the range with a selection of attachments allowing the product to be personalised to suit most applications.
Elsewhere, the Ecopak LED was chosen for use in the store rooms with 48 installed, while in the stairwells the Amenity Decorative LED was the ideal choice, with 29 fitted.

In the breakout and circulation areas, the Rubix 4 was specified with 11 dimmable and 69 non-dimmable. The Rubix 4 has been designed to offer an alternative to a traditional circular downlighter.

At the entrance to the building, in the front of house atrium, the Halobay Opal was chosen to help stagger the light at different levels in the triple-height atrium. 10 were supplied with dimmable options, with two supplied with 10m suspension.
In the plant room, 35 of Dextra’s Typhon were supplied. The Typhon is a robust and durable IP65 luminaire suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where protection against water and dust ingress and light impact is critical.
Also used on the project was the Comtec LED Surface, with 20 installed in the informal study area, and the Avalon Wallpack LED, with four supplied.