Crown Buildings, Wrexham

The Crown Buildings is home to Wrexham County Borough Council and have been through a major refurbishment and modernisation programme over the last few years.

The change was born out of the need for the buildings to meet the council’s current and future needs including the organisation’s ambitions to improve its environmental performance.

The four-storey building, on the Bodhyfryd site, was built in the 1960s and the refurbishment included the introduction of more flexible office accommodation on

the upper floors with open plan areas, individual offices, meeting rooms and break out spaces, designed to accommodate modern working methods.

The ground floor was also modernised and is now a new centre for the social services. Externally a number of changes were made, including the creation of a new main entrance to the building.


Dextra was brought into the project to design and supply lighting to fit the modern design. Working for Wrexham County Borough Council, contractor Eric Johnson of Northwich and consultant Davies Partnership Building Services Consulting Engineers, as well as architect Ainsley Gommon, Dextra supplied a range of products suitable for the new, modern approach.

To help deal with anti-glare issues, combined with performance and design, the MODLED Office was chosen for the open plan office areas, where 371 units were installed. The MODLED Office has been designed specifically for applications where monitors are used in areas such as classrooms and offices.

By using a central microprism optic with high transmission opal diffuser surround the MODLED Office is designed to comply with the latest BSEN 12464 glare requirements for both the 3000 candelas per metre squared limit above 65 degrees and UGR19.

Dextra has combined this glare control with high output LED sources ensuring that a 400 lux average can be achieved with spacings as large as three metres by three metres.

Elsewhere in the building, the Protec LED was used in both the circulation and toilet areas, with 193 supplied. Forming part of the well-established Protec range, the premium LED variant offers lumen output packages up to 3000lm making it suitable as a primary light source for high end specifications, such as receptions, offices, retail, corridors, meeting rooms, airports and educational establishments. It brings with it impressive energy savings, meaning it is an ideal option to tie in with environmental management policies, requiring a commitment to energy reduction.

To enhance the look of the stairwells, 16 Discalo LED’s were used. The Discalo is a highly efficient and low maintenance luminaire in Dextra’s Amenity range.

In the storerooms, 26 Ecopak LED’s were installed, bringing increased energy efficiency and low maintenance as well as a greater return on investment. The Ecopak allows for quick and simple installation with one for one replacement of existing luminaires.

The footprint matches that of a typical fluorescent T8 batten and installation is simplified with a two-part construction with rear spine and one piece clip in gear tray and diffuser allowing the spine to be mounted before electrical connections are made and the gear tray is snapped into place.

Also chosen for the project was Dextra’s popular Mod Slim, which provides a minimalist flat panel appearance with a homogenous lit diffuser. The highly efficient back lit design gives a superior energy efficiency and LED lifetime – one of the many reasons why 48 were installed throughout the building. Multiple lumen options comply with the glare standards of BSEN 12464 allowing for use in offices and schools.

On the exit doors, 42 EXI2 LED’s were supplied. This product is a slim line polycarbonate emergency exit sign supplied with prewired cable suitable for surface mounting and rear cable entry and is available in both standard and self-test variants.

Autotest variants are available in an alternative housing style. The HBE2 LED was selected for the exit routes in the building.
Eleven of Dextra’s Typhon product were used in the plantroom on this project. The Typhon is a robust and durable IP65 luminaire suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where protection against water and dust ingress and light impact is critical. The Typhon is supplied complete with snap on mounting clips for the luminaire rear providing both suspension and surface mounting points without the need to drill the luminaire housing, whilst the gear tray is mounted via spring release clips ensuring installation and ongoing maintenance can be undertaken quickly and simply.

To help create a feature in the reception and lobby area, 26 of Dextra’s Runway Continuous Recessed units were installed. Where lighting must fulfil both architectural and practical purposes the Recessed Runway provides a seamless appearance that can be infinitely reconfigured to dramatic effect.

Also, to produce an impressive finish above welcome desks, 8 Pro-Light Mini Fixed were used. To help create a different look in the break-out meeting rooms, the Rubix recessed was chosen, with 14 supplied.

Also used for the project was the AME LED, and Opus Wallpack – used for the external perimeter of the building.



Overview: The MOD Office has been designed specifically for applications where monitors are used in areas such as classrooms and offices.



Overview: The Protec is the most versatile downlight in the range with a selection of attachments allowing the product to be personalised to suit most applications.



Overview: The Discalo brings a highly efficient and low maintenance luminaire to our amenity range.



Overview: The Ecopak offers increased energy efficiency and low maintenance of an LED source giving greater return on investment.



Overview: The MOD Slim is a highly efficient and versatile backlit modular range of luminaires available in a wide range of housing styles and lumen outputs.



Overview: A robust and durable IP65 luminaire with GRP housing for excellent chemical resistance.



Overview: The Pro-Light Mini range has been developed to offer retailers a comprehensive selection of high quality LED spot lights for a variety of applications.



Overview: For premium office applications the Rubix Recessed brings a new level of style and functionality to the market.



Overview: The Opus Wallpack combines a modern and minimalist design with a durable and robust construction and a lensed optic that minimises upward light distribution and light pollution

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(+44) 01747 858100