Acai Sisters-House of Fraser, Oxford St, London

Acai Sisters run restaurants and delivery services in three locations around Europe, serving high-quality, healthy and nutritionally-balanced ‘super foods’ to its customers using a variety of different cooking techniques. After starting in Milan and Rome, the company decided to bring its unique brand and offering to the UK, situated on the third floor in the House of Fraser store in Oxford Street.


Working with Resolution Interiors, Dextra Group’s LEDextra range was selected for this project. The forward-thinking, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious outlook of Acai Sisters was the perfect match for Dextra’s vast range of energy-saving products. The main emphasis of this project was to supply the new restaurant with aesthetically pleasing products in the most efficient way.

Resolution Interiors contacted LEDextra to provide feature lighting within the restaurant and also its yoga studio in the same location.

The client wanted a minimalistic pendant that would not obscure the use of its health bar but would still have the desired effect. A Stem-lite was specified as the solution to this challenge. It was used in pink and teal colours to represent the Acai Sisters branding and suspended vertically above the serving counter. Almost any fixed colour can be specified for these unusual and subtly effective LED pendants. AluLED was installed around the counter edges, both top and bottom.

The AluLED is a compact and reliable solution to indirect lighting. The size and simple installation makes the AluLED ideal for mounting in tight shadow gaps and under lips. Also, the AluLED does away with any requirement for cutting, sticking and soldering that other indirect lighting may require. , quick and efficient to install. Available in both IP20 opal and IP67 clear as well as 3000k and 4000k colour temperatures, it can be used in a number of locations, including; commercial and office areas, corridors, exterior areas, food and clean areas, in healthcare and social housing, hotel and leisure complexes as well as retail and as accent lighting.


“The Acai Sisters project was extremely fast-paced and as such we called upon Dextra who we have worked with in the past and knew would be able to support us. We were after some bespoke elements to enhance some of the key features of the design. After a consultation at our office, where we were able to sample and demo the product, thus enabling us to make an informed decision as to what product met the criteria, including the lead time and budget. We were really happy with the service provided by Dextra and look forward to working with them again in the future” stated Emma Fullegar of  Resolution Interiors.



Overview: AluLED offers the ideal solution for indirect white lighting effects in a range of colour temperature and dimming options.

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(+44) 01747 858100