Pharmaceutical environment home to robust T5 lighting solution

Pharmacy workers within an NHS hospital in Wiltshire can now carry out their work in a more brightly lit environment thanks to the IMPR luminaire from Dextra Lighting.

The Avon and Wiltshire NHS Mental Health Partnership’s pharmacy hub in Calne is now home to the robust and high performing IMPR luminaire.

IMPR T5 lighting fixtureThe popular luminaire can be either recessed or surface mounted and is a perfect lighting choice for environments which require protection from dirt, dust and water.

Capable of withstanding challenging and difficult environments, the robust IMPR luminaire is an ideal lighting solution for shower rooms, wash rooms and hospital lighting.

Due to an IP rating of IP54 or 1P65, the luminaire is suitable for any environment which requires protection, such as clean areas, pharmaceutical environments, healthcare lighting and production areas.

The IP-rated light fixture is ideally suited to the Wiltshire-based pharmacy, which is used to store drugs and medicines, as it is protected from exposure from external factors.

The T5 lighting fixture has highly versatile features, as it can be either recessed or surface mounted depending on the demands and style of the environment.

The recessed version of the IMPR is ideal for installation on ceilings with exposed tee, spring tee (600x600mm only) and plasterboard ceilings, with IP65-rated surface versions suitable for installation onto solid ceilings.

The IMPR with Cat 2 louvre was installed across the pharmacy space, with all pharmaceutical areas requiring digital dimming (DSI), which was made possible with the IMPR.

The highly robust luminaire is an ideal lighting solution for medical environments, like pharmacies.

The IMPR luminaire is also available in an LED variant, which is an ideal lighting choice for industrial applications and areas where protection from moisture, dust and dirt is required.

With a host of LED benefits, such as long-life and low maintenance, a wide operating temperature range and durability, the IMPR LED offers an ideal lighting solution for those seeking a T5 fluorescent lighting alternative.

The robust and versatile T5 lighting choice has enabled the Wiltshire-based NHS Trust to carry out their highly important work in a brighter workspace.

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(+44) 01747 858100