“One of the UK’s hottest lighting companies” – Lux Magazine

Dextra Group plc. are proud to be included in the Lux Magazine Power List of companies for 2014.

Powerlist logo 2014This is what Lux Magazine had to say about Dextra:

“Dextra’s premises in Dorset have grown from 300 to 22,700m2 since the luminaire manufacturer was founded in the late 1970s, mirroring the growth in turnover that has made it the largest privately owned luminaire manufacturer in the UK.

Dextra is a regular supplier to numerous major UK retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and its large UK manufacturing base means it is able to produce and deliver fittings at short notice. It reckons its fleet of 26 vehicles covered more than a million kilometres last year.

The company now employs more than 500 people, all in the UK, producing on average 5,000 luminaires a day with a turnover of £56 million. The company’s luminaires incorporate its own customisable modules.

Last year, Dextra Group invested £3 million in three surface-mount technology (SMT) production lines and expanded its offering with new, tailored LED solutions. Dextra’s factory can now place up to 500,000 LED chips on circuit boards in a single shift and produce up to 10,000 circuit boards a day.

Why we love them

Dextra has built a massive business over the years, and continues to be a favourite with retailers and others looking for reliability and quick service.”

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