North Devon Library opts for cost-effective LED lighting solutions

A low maintenance and cost-effective selection of luminaires have been utilised in a recent library refurbishment project in Barnstaple.

North Devon Library & Records Office is now home to a variety of surface mounted and recessed LED lighting.

NPS Group and the library required a maintenance-free lighting solution which would effectively reduce their current running costs, whilst increasing lighting levels.

They also required a high performing and impressive lighting solution that would give the impression that the overall library space had undergone a complete and extensive refurbishment.

Luminaires from the Graduate LED and MODLED ranges were selected for the project for their impressive range of features and high-quality performance.

The Graduate LEDWith an appealing mix of flexibility and innovation, the Graduate LED has already taken the educational sector by storm and offers superb energy efficiency. A highly versatile luminaire, the Graduate LED is also suitable for lighting within the healthcare sector and offers solutions to corridor and stairwell lighting.

Due to advanced sensor technology, the Graduate LED requires no modification of external wiring, making it a highly versatile lighting solution which is ideal for public spaces like libraries and is ideal in retrofit settings, such as school lighting. The LED luminaire is also ideal for college and university lighting solutions.

Fitted with an LED variant, the Graduate LED offers maximum flexibility and enables lighting functions to be changed as often as necessary to cope with their working environment, times of day and the levels of activity taking place within the space.

The unique design of the LED variant design encompasses an optional integral microwave sensor combined with bright out control to further increase energy savings, reducing carbon footprint and return on investment.

Switch dimming, analogue dimming or DALI dimming functions are also available with this highly flexible product.

MODLEDThe Graduate LED can also be offered with a range of standalone sensors such as Reacta 44, which offers presence detection, remote control programming and fully dimmable daylight regulation.

The MODLED range offers lighting solutions for a number of applications including commercial environments, receptions, corridors and offices (not applicable to all lumen outputs).

The LED ceiling lighting is designed to offer a wide range of outputs and aesthetics and are suitable for both suspended ceiling systems (lay in only) and plasterboard. The MODLED also offers emergency and dimming options.

Offering a light output ratio of up to 85% combined with an extended lifetime, the MODLED also offers an optional halo effect in a wide range of colours, making it an effective, long-life and bespoke luminaire.

The MODLED lighting panel offers a light output ratio of up to 85% alongside an extended LED life, making it an ideal lighting solution for the Barnstaple-based library.

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(+44) 01747 858100