Lighting in Sporting Environments

Many indoor leisure centres have a multi-function sports halls catering for various sporting activities. Whether it is badminton, tennis, basketball, indoor football, cricket or yoga, the lighting layout will need to be designed in such a way that these are all lit to the required lighting levels whilst considering energy consumption.

With the use of highly efficient, impact resistant, quality LED light fittings the arrangement can be designed around the primary sport. When planning lighting for primary sports like tennis and badminton the positioning of lights over the courts must be avoided, reducing the risk of players being affected by glare from the direct view of the light source. For full lighting controllability, the areas can then be zoned allowing each sport to have its own setting with a dimming function.  The control system could be a scene plate which can be easily labelled with the various sporting activities allowing a simple switch between lighting scenarios. This will encourage great energy management whilst giving specification compliant lighting levels.  The competition level of the sports being played will dictate the illumination level required, if various levels are required the control system could incorporate further settings to adjust the levels accordingly.

Gym areas need to be lit with a carefully considered level of illumination to avoid a negative impact on mood, concentration and enjoyment. Within the workout areas the light levels need to be uniform and significantly lower than the weights room where a brighter more vibrant feel needs to be achieved. The workout area is the hub of the gym where levels can be reduced so that members are comfortable and can mentally concentrate on their tasks.

Elsewhere in the building, where exercise classes are offered a selection of low energy LED opal panels could be used, combined with either compact discreet linear wall washing LED fittings. RGBW light fittings could also be incorporated to add a splash of colour, bringing versatility and excitement to the space.

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