Allure in Design – Intelligent LED lighting for luxury car showrooms

In an age in which consumers increasingly connect with different brands and products via web-based channels, the car dealership has still endured as the central part of the promotional and buying process. Exciting displays, evocative surroundings and inviting atmospheres, leave powerful impressions on customers that have a direct impact on sales.

For luxury showrooms, creating a sense of allure, exclusivity and value is essential to maintain a strong and trustworthy brand identity. Designing unique and professional lighting solutions for these retail spaces requires the latest specialised components and manufacturing capabilities to tailor each lighting system to the exact demands of the modern retailer.

Successful projects are the result of a close collaboration with architects, interior designers, brand/franchise managers, structural engineers, and other consultants to ensure that every detail of the installation is perfectly aligned with the image and architecture of the dealership, whilst being adaptable to periodic changes in branding strategy.

The role of lighting, in this sector, cannot be understated. Continuity of style and quality needs to be kept across every aspect of the dealership – which includes every fitting and fixture installed across the premises.

As the cars themselves are constructed with coloured and highly reflective materials, lighting becomes the natural tool for bringing out their form, shape and character.

Light and colour are used very creatively in these contexts, to elicit a specific emotional connection with the cars on display and ultimately create an atmosphere that will encourage sales.

Excitement and prestige are at the centre of this market, as luxury brands are not driven simply by popularity, but aim to set long standing standards for tomorrow. Typically, the design objective for luxury car showrooms is to emulate the technological edge of the brand and hone in on what makes it unique. Many of these architectural projects flirt with ideas from the art world; experiment with the “avant garde” – and often treat the cars themselves as art objects displayed in a gallery.