Co-op Funeral Homes

Dexretail and LEDextra deliver a custom-built ambient lighting solution to add an elegant touch to Co-op Funeral Home’s office in Lincoln, using market-leading and easy to install LED modules and sophisticated wireless controls.

About the Project

Dexretail returned to Co-op Funeral Home’s office and showroom on Tritton road to enhance the company’s brand image with a complete lighting upgrade including a series of decorative lighting solutions. Usually, architecturally integrated indirect lighting can be an expensive investment for businesses looking upgrade their sales environment. However, with Dextra Group’s design expertise and component specialists – LEDextra’s access to a wide range of high-quality and efficient products, tailored improvements were made whilst minimising installation costs, future maintenance and energy consumption. These changes have allowed Co-op Funeral Home to achieve its aesthetic vision and highlight products effectively whilst creating an inviting and reassuring environment for visiting customers.

“The task on this project was to provide the customer with a subtle, easy to install, dimmable, indirect light to work with or without the general lighting that we provided. On top of this the customer wished to have no wall switches. LEDextra achieved this by using a linear LED of high-quality and efficiency hidden behind ceiling recesses and combining this with a wireless lighting control system.”
Alex Martin – Director of LEDExtra and Dexreco

Areas covered included alcoves in the lobby and reception areas as well as valances and cornices in the offices, product display areas and chapel for demonstration purposes.

Linear LED Modules & Wireless Lighting Controls

To add to Dextra’s Comtec and Protec LED down-lights used as main lighting, high-performance dimmable Osram LINEARlight FLEX ADVANCED GEN II LED strips were installed in a 3000k colour temperature within the ceiling’s arched recesses, adding a warm and diffused ambient light. This flexible linear LED module can be cut to length and gives designers the freedom to incorporate lighting into the existing decor in an unobtrusive yet highly effective manner.

Installed with ultra reliable and efficient OPTOTRONIC drivers, the LINEARLight FLEX offers accurate digital dimming and operates with a Constant Lumen Output feature (CLO) which increases the power as the light source gradually depreciates in order to maintain the desired brightness over time.

LINEARlight FLEX LED strips also maximise (sorry about the typo!) heat dissipation compared to fluorescent counterparts, allowing the LED source to run for longer and more effectively. This improved thermal management is a particular advantage in tightly enclosed recessed areas that trap heat. The strips can be installed with speed, precision and minimal effort thanks to a self-adhesive back, allowing for a more cost-effective installation process.

A number of architectural lighting effects can be achieved using this versatile module, altering the sense of an interior’s space, contrast and contour. In addition, high-quality LED strips also provide a uniform and controlled quality of light ideal for high-end decorative applications.

Cornice lighting was also installed using Dextra’s Protec LED Gimbal GU10 down-lights positioned at a 35 degree angle, drawing the eye to paintings and other decorative pieces. The Protec LED range has long remained a highly popular choice for retailers as it can be customised with a wide selection of options including: interchangeable attachments and reflectors, custom bezels, beam angles, body types and various output packages. The luminaires were provided in a brushed steel finish to match the office’s décor.

Using the latest LM80-verified Lumileds LEDs offering 90% lumen maintenance over the first 60,000 operating hours and efficient optic design, the luminaire offers superb light quality and efficiency ideal for retail applications.

Valance lighting created a striking effect over a display of memorial decorations, washing the light downward upon the curtain below whilst keeping the light source concealed.

As management wanted accurate control of the lighting without additional wall switches to clutter the walls, a wireless RAKO control system was installed, allowing staff to make lighting adjustments by using either a single user-friendly 7-button wall-switch, remote controller, phone app and/or centralised digital interface (not sure what was settled for here). Staff can now programme the lighting to suit specific practical and aesthetic needs with scene-setting functions and performance control which can be combined with daylight or presence detection sensors to maximise energy-efficiency if required.

General and Accent Lighting

Retailers will continue to prioritise efficiency, quality and reliability when it comes to updating their sales environments as making the right impression on their clientele is crucial to maintaining a successful business. With this in mind, Dexretail replaced the existing fluorescent lighting with next-generation products offering a modern aesthetic and future-proof levels of performance and energy-efficiency, whilst being easy to install and maintain. By switching to LED, Co-op Funeral Home could expect over 50% reductions in energy consumption compared to typical fluorescent systems and a fast payback period.

Comtec LED Downlights
The versatile Comtec LED was supplied in a range of outputs with semi-specular reflectors (specular also available) to achieve optimum lux levels and uniform light distribution in rooms of varying sizes.
To minimise installation costs, the luminaire was supplied in its standard 210mm size (the diameter of typical fluorescent downlights) to match the building’s existing cut-outs, which avoided further modifications to be made to the ceiling. Adapter rigs are also available for larger cut-outs in either ceiling tiles or plasterboard ceilings.
The luminaire was also customised with a decorative drop glass option to harmonise with the décor and IP44-rated clear glass covers for areas requiring extra protection.

Pro-Light Mini LED Spotlights
Dimmable PRO LIGHT MINI spotlights were installed in the display rooms and areas requiring directional accent lighting. The luminaire is ideal for retail applications as it is highly customisable, offering outputs ranging between 1206llm and 3304llm luminaire lumens and is available in both CRI80 and CRI98 for a higher quality of light, as well as a choice of 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures to create different atmospheres.

The Pro-light Mini is available in a number of different shapes and formats and is manufactured in high quality die-cast aluminium. Designed to adapt to a constantly changing retail space, it is available in a choice of three beam angles in either specular or semi-specular reflectors which feature a simple twist lock mechanism that allows them to be replaced post-installation to suit display layout changes.

Other products used in this project include the durable and efficient Discalo LED for the stairwells and the attractive Amenity decorative LED bulkhead in the WC facilities and external areas. A series of versatile, high-performance T5 luminaires were also selected for the building’s back-of-house areas including the sensor-controlled SVX recessed luminaire for its modern and appealing design and ultra-efficient optics, the robust IP65-rated Impervia Lux T5 surface luminaire and Ecopack battens for their efficiency, durability and cost-effective installation properties.
The majority of luminaires chosen for this design are compatible with a wide selection of dimming functions and sensors (both integral and standalone) and were installed to provide accurate lighting control as well as up to an extra 30% increase in energy savings compared to non sensor-controlled systems.

To support the luminaires provided with integral 3hour emergency lighting, a series of standalone energy-efficient and low-maintenance emergency products were installed around the premises to offer complete emergency coverage. These included the LED3 Emergency Module, offering three-hour non-maintained emergency lighting in optimal positions throughout the premises and the self-contained HBE “Hanging-Blade” and EXI LED emergency exit luminaires for clear and fully-compliant emergency signage.

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100