Dorset based dental practice receives full lighting treatment

3 years in the making, Sturminster Dental Care have finally unveiled their brand-new, purpose-built premises, boasting an array of state-of-the-art luminaires from Dextra Lighting’s LED and fluorescent range. The response of new and returning clients has been unanimously positive, as Sturminster Newton’s Old Creamery site on Station Road has successfully been transformed, as one customer describes, into a “bright, spacious and modern practice”.

As part of the Group’s longstanding commitment to “enhance patient experience”, the first floor conversion was meticulously designed to abide to “best practice” criteria set by their respective regulatory bodies; incorporating issues raised in their “regular patient feedback programme”. Once the main building work had been completed, Dextra Lighting were approached by reputable local estate agents Symonds & Samson, to provide an all-inclusive, energy-efficient lighting scheme to match the client’s “Patient Care” design. In the following months, the Dextra Lighting team worked closely with the client and appointed contractors, EC Electricals of Shaftesbury, to deliver an installation that would modernise the new practice, as well as help set a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for patients and staff alike.


The lighting project included the entire facility; covering internal and external areas, as well as providing emergency lighting. Dextra Lighting’s highly flexible bespoke service and extensive range of products, allowed the project to proceed smoothly from start to finish. The client also requested to incorporate a series of decorative screen-printed sheets with the luminaires in the surgeries, designed to assuage the anxiety, common amongst patients, of undergoing more involved dental treatment.


In each of the 4 surgeries, the solution came in the form of the MODLED Slim luminaire in both 1200mm x 600mm and 600mm x 600mm sizes. The luminaire’s slimmer body made it possible for the screen-printed sheets to fit into the ceiling-grid beneath the fitting. With the luminaires fitted directly above each dentist’s chair, the screen produced a pleasant lighting effect, designed to sooth and distract patients undergoing treatment. The results are a testament to the multitude of studies demonstrating the positive effect of specific lighting designs to the psychological state of healthcare patients. The luminaires were also installed Digital Dimming Switch Dim (ECO), giving further control to adjust the light intensity for both comfort and to improve visibility in the examination rooms.

As the name suggests, the MODLED Slim recessed luminaire, is suitable for lay in installations in both 15mm and 24mm exposed T suspended ceiling systems. It is available in lumen outputs between 3500lm and 9000lm in two body sizes, making it adaptable to a range of environments. Where the 3500lm output packages comply to BSEN 12464 3000 candela glare requirements and are therefore ideal for office and school use as well as retrofit applications where closer luminaire spacings are required. The higher output versions (4500lm and above) are more suitable for corridors, receptions and other commercial applications where the candela limit is not an issue (although higher lumen versions of the MODLED Office are recommended for applications where fewer products and wider spacings can be achieved to minimise capital cost of installation. These luminaires comply to BSEN 12464 3000 candela requirements at both 4400lm and 5500lm).


The MODLED Slim offers premium performance, delivering LORs of up to 85%, with the majority of versions operating at over 100 Llm/W across all available lumen outputs. Its high transmission panels offer up to 93% transmission and excellent diffusion, ensuring both maximum efficiency and visual comfort.

Pro-Light MINI

On the first floor, the window display area was attractively lit by the Pro-Light MINI luminaire. Available in four body types (Fixed, Gimbal, Wallwash and Scoop), this unique family of high quality LED spot lights is purpose built for display or accent lighting applications, with their appealing contemporary design aimed at enhancing a diverse range of reception, retail and exhibition areas. All Pro-Light MINI luminaires are manufactured in the highest quality die cast aluminium, offering durability without detriment to style and aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the four main body types, these ultra-versatile luminaires are offered with either specular or semi-specular aluminium faceted reflectors in 20°, 40° and 60° beam angles, to suit the application. These reflectors are also easily interchangeable thanks to a practical twist lock system. Available in lumen outputs between 1400lm and 4000lm, as well as colour temperatures of 3000k or 4000k in as high as CRI-98, the Pro-Light MINI offers an extensive palette of lighting effects and dimming controls for creating highly personalised display areas.


To minimise installation times, the Pro-Light MINI can be supplied with prewired leads, with simple retractive spring clips allowing easy fitting into ceilings with a thickness of 0.5mm to 22mm. Finally, custom bezels (white, black or silver/grey) can be supplied to match the interior design and as well as optional polo rings for retro-fit applications.

Amenity Decorative LED

The Amenity Decorative LED bulkhead proved ideal for the stairs leading up to the reception area. With 1500 or 2000 lumen output and LORs in excess of 80%, this product gives similar performance to traditional fluorescent sources, only at a fraction of the energy cost. With a wide range of options including integral sensor, emergency, corridor mode or dimming options, the AMED LED can be fine-tuned for a breadth of internal applications, as well as maximising energy savings. By combining polycarbonate opal diffusers, with the latest Lumileds LEDs, this luminaire guarantees an efficient yet subtle transmission of light, providing both comfort and safety in areas of frequent circulation.

With a range of optional coloured ring attachments and semi-recessing kits, the luminaire can also be customised to suit a variety of décors and surfaces.


The Amenity Exterior, on the other hand was utilised for the building’s external areas. This luminaire shares almost all the outstanding features of the AMED LED, the main difference however, is that it is constructed for both external and internal applications. Manufactured from die cast aluminium with injection moulded polycarbonate diffusers, the IP65 sealed AMEX LED is designed with strength and durability in mind, making it ideal for external under canopy areas. Furthermore, the luminaire is available in three body styles: Open Front or Grille Cover where additional impact resistance is required and Eyelid for areas where up light must be minimised.

The clinical waste disposal area also needed a strong and durable lighting solution. An IP65 rated Impervia LED recessed luminaire proved fit for the task, as its steel housing and injection moulded ABS frame made it suitable for arduous applications where luminaires are subjected to dirt, dust and water. This highly versatile product is available in lumen outputs ranging between 3500lm and 15,200lm across three different body sizes. It also offers a wide range of dimming options and compatible standalone sensors to maximise efficiency.

Solution ECA

The efficient Solution ECA T5 luminaire was installed in the clinic’s offices, meeting all the BSEN1264 requirements for visual comfort and safety. Available in three body sizes (600x600mm, 1200x600mm or 1200x600mmm) and single, double or triple lamp configurations, this high performing product can be customised to suit a range of designs and luminaire spacings. It is also suitable for both lay-in and pull-up installation.


The Solution ECA offers amongst the best performance in Dextra Lighting’s fluorescent recessed modular range, delivering LORs as high as 85%; comfortably allowing 3m x 2.4m spacings in typical office settings. This is achieved thanks to a highly efficient OpticSpec louvre with closed back blades, whose performance can be boosted by using High Output and High Efficiency T5 lamp options. In addition, the Solution ECA is available with DALI, Switch Dim, DSI and HFR Dimming, with DSI versions compatible with both integral and standalone presence and daylight detection sensors from Dextra’s Reacta range. An integral 3 hour emergency package is also available for this product.

Other T5 fluorescent luminaries used on this project included the Ecopak and Amenity Plus, which were both used in the practice’s storage areas. The Ecopack comes fully assembled and complete with lamps, thereby minimising the time and cost of installation. Compared to T8, the Ecopak’s T5 technology offers improved lamp maintenance and lifetime. This versatile batten luminaire is available in 600mm, 1200mm, or 1500mm lengths and is offered with custom attachments to best suit the application.

Amenity Plus

The Amenity Plus on the other hand, is an IP65 rated, surface mounted luminaire, constructed from durable high-grade polycarbonate, with a self retained PBT internal gear tray and non-grip (anti-vandalism) housing design. The versatile luminaire comes in both square and circular bulkheads, in either black or white and can be manufactured in an aluminium body for more demanding environments. It is provided in 16W, 28W or 38W depending on body size.

Sturminster Dental Care has now reopened to their new and regular client base, not only with a new and inviting modern look, but with a highly sustainable and energy-efficient lighting system; guaranteed to deliver substantial returns in the form of energy savings.



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(+44) 01747 858100