Translink Contact Centre

Dextra Lighting delivers fast and cost-effective LED upgrade for Translink’s Contact Centre in Belfast, allowing the transport company to make future-proof improvements to the office lighting whilst slashing energy, maintenance and installation costs.

As Northern Ireland’s main public transport provider, Translink is fully committed to running an efficient and sustainable business while enriching the local economy and community. Despite recent reductions in public spending and cuts to funding, the company has been able to maintain a high standard of service through careful energy management and targeted efficiencies in all departments.

As public transport is by definition the more sustainable option, it is only natural that every aspect of Translink’s operations reflect this principle. For this reason, Dextra Lighting were invited to perform an LED lighting upgrade for one of its main call centres, which would be both environmentally and financially sustainable for years to come.


In addition to reducing energy and maintenance costs for the company, the challenge was to improve lighting conditions in the offices by raising Lux levels as well as controlling glare in compliance with current regulations. To cut costs down further, the installation process was to be kept quick and simple, without disrupting the existing ceiling structure and interior decoration.


Designed specifically for office environments, the MODLED Office Surface luminaire was selected to provide optimum lighting conditions for staff using computers and integrate into the existing ceiling type. These criteria were fulfilled at the same time as improving ROIs by cutting energy use compared to the previous fluorescent fittings by up to 60%, eliminating the costs of frequent lamp changes and simplifying installation.

Using a central microprism optic and a high-transmission diffuser surround, the MODLED Office Surface complies to the latest BSEN 12464 glare restrictions for both the 3000 candelas per metre squared limit above 65 degrees and UGR19 (Unified Glare Index – or how bright a luminaire appears in a specified area).

Combined with the latest, high-output Lumileds 3535 LEDs offering 90% lumen maintenance during the first 60,000 hours of operation, this dual optic design allows the MODLED Office to achieve higher outputs compared to most flat panel fittings, allowing installations to be designed with the minimum amount of luminaires using spacings as wide as 3 x 3 metres. By fulfilling ECA, L2 and BSEN 12464 requirements, the luminaire offers a complete compliance package and all-round premium performance.

Now available in output packages ranging between 1900 and 7422llm across two body sizes, the MODLED Office Surface can be adapted for a variety of room sizes. Compliance package

Due to the office’s high ceilings, the luminaire was supplied in a higher output 3711llm output to ensure lux levels were raised to the recommended 400 lux with a uniformity ratio of over 0.7, whilst minimising glare for optimal computer use. 600 x 600m luminaires were surface-mounted quickly and easily onto the ceiling’s floating panels, matching the layout of the existing connection points.

For faster payback rates, the MODLED Office Surface is available with integral passive infrared sensors and a wide range of dimming functions capable of boosting energy savings by up to 30% with each installation, through carefully calibrated daylight regulation and absence detection.

3-hour integral emergency is also available in either self-test or auto-test versions to suit the application.

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