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Founded in 1968, THB Group Limited is a specialist insurance and reinsurance broking partner, providing a wealth of UK and International services and products to a vast range of industries including aviation, commercial, construction, engineering, energy, equine, livestock, and finance.

Working with a wide range of clients in various markets all over the world, THB Group has swiftly established global recognition, becoming renowned for its leading expertise, network partnerships, and office ownership. The company currently has over 700 employees worldwide and provides insurance and reinsurance cover for clients in over 150 countries.

The remarkable global platform this company has built reflects the innovative entrepreneurship and steadfast integrity that sit firmly at the core of THB Group’s values. Having made a wealth of progress over the last 50 years, it could only make sense to streamline company processes moving forward, with a focus on furthering this growth over the next 50 years.

Property Manager Chris Masters looks after multiple offices and commercial properties for the company. With so many properties to take care of, Chris sought to switch the lighting so that he could keep it the same across all sites, optimising ease of use and simplifying maintenance and warranty management.

Chris initially made contact with Dextra via a website enquiry in 2017, having lost his patience with their existing supplier, who were perpetually changing their LED lines and prices. The final straw was when one of their deliveries caused a project to be delayed, and this was the point at which Chris reached out to Dextra. With our extensive range of innovative, energy-saving, low-maintenance and bespoke LED lighting, we were considered an ideal candidate to take over the job.

“Really pleased with the end result considering how big the project was, it has transformed the office space with far better lighting output. Delivery time was also excellent as we were working to a tight time schedule”


The refurbishment was overseen by David Nunn of the Electrical Contractors & Engineers, BNS Kent. Dextra surveyed the existing lighting in THB Group’s Leadenhall Street office in London, providing detailed calculations and designs. Many of the hanging 1200mm light fittings were beginning to breakdown, and it was recommended these be replaced with more energy efficient fittings featuring a modern look, more powerful light output and dimming options to suit staff requirements, as well as cheaper, easier maintenance.

All suspended light fittings which were in the Director’s offices required individual output to be set or adjusted with ease to suit staff requirements, and the client also sought to increase energy savings via the use of smart controls and intelligent sensors. It was also recommended they implement the Reacta-Air wireless control facility, which would further reduce their carbon footprint and capitalise on energy costs.

Our projections showed that a staggering 80% savings in electricity could be made, in combination with enhanced aesthetic and optimised lighting output. Such savings would enable THB Group to achieve their commitment to energy savings, both with immediate effect and over the long term.

Due to the project delays caused by their previous supplier, the schedule for supply, delivery and install of lighting was tight meaning consideration in to the lead time of product from supplier was key when deciding which lighting to install.

The client opted to install 16 MODLED Slim LEDs across the HR Office, Facilities Office, Training Room, and the I.T. room. This particular product was selected due to its high-quality build, quick lead time and successful application in the past. Ideal for offices and schools, the MODLED’s multiple lumen options comply with the glare standards of BSEN 12464 and offer excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance while also featuring 4 dimming options, and an optional three-hour emergency function, which the client chose to include.

In addition to the MODLED Slim, 25 of Dextra’s MODLED Office LEDs were installed in the small open office areas and the Managerial offices. MODLED Office luminaires, much as the product name suggests, are designed specifically for applications in which monitors are frequently used, such as in offices and classrooms. This product was selected as it offers superb light coverage and is compliant with ECA, L2 and BSEN 12464 standards.

For the large meeting rooms, Dextra’s RUBIX Recessed lighting was chosen, providing a fresh, alternative aesthetic. The unique design of this lighting appealed to the client, who wanted the halo to be finished in black so that it would match the other furnishings. 10 RUBIX recessed luminaires were supplied and were installed with the Reacta-Air sensor and 3-hour emergency function, to maximise energy savings and enhance safety.

Dextra’s RUBIX Suspended lighting was selected to replace all 66 of the 1200mm hanging light fittings which were starting to break down. These were located in the large open area office spanning two floors, as well as all Director offices and suites. In addition to the improved energy efficiency, contemporary appearance and outstanding light output this product offers, the RUBIX Suspended LED was chosen over alternatives as it could be supplied as C83 to provide a warmer lit effect and it conveniently matched the dimensions of the old fittings, thereby reducing installation costs. The Dextra Reacta-Air wireless control also appealed to the client, as these are easy to set up and can link to create a convenient low maintenance network, while increasing energy savings, and offering versatile functionality, tailorable to staff requirements.

3 COMTEC LEDs were installed in the small walkway to replace the old down-lights with more energy efficient LEDs. Replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs in downlight installations can often prove more challenging and costly due to the existing holes in ceiling tiles and plasterboard. However, Dextra’s COMTEC LED solves this issue, thanks to its larger housing size and specialist adaptor rings, and its ability to be installed quickly and easily, while offering all the same cutting-edge performance as Dextra’s Protec LED down-lights.

For all Dextra products installed, we supplied our standard 12-month warranty, and this was further underwritten with an ‘enhanced’ 5-year warranty, comprising all labour and parts for the initial three years and free-of-charge components for the final two.

Both contractor and client were thrilled with the final result. Delivery time was exceptional and the lighting has wholly transformed the office space, resulting in far better lighting output, significant energy and cost savings and a much more attractive environment.



Location: HR Office, Facilities Office, Training Room & I.T. Room.

Overview: The Dextra MODLED Slim luminaire is designed to compliment Dextra's comprehensive fluorescent modular range of luminaires with an LED source providing excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance.



Location: Small Open Office Areas & Managerial Offices.

Overview: The MODLED Office has been designed specifically for applications where monitors are used in areas such as classrooms and offices.



Location: Large Meeting Rooms.

Overview: For premium office applications the Rubix Recessed brings a new level of style and functionality to the market.



Location: Small Walkway.

Overview: The Comtec LED offers the same cutting edge performance, lifetime and warranty as our Protec LED downlight but in a larger housing size.


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