Shoosmiths’ new “agile workspace” comes to life with the aid of Dextra Lighting’s cutting-edge LED solutions and control systems

Dextra Lighting were approached by ICD, at the CAT B stage of development on account of its strong portfolio of high-profile office refits across the UK, highly competitive manufacturing lead times and bespoke capabilities, fast delivery, wide range of efficient, precision-engineered LED products and an entire subsidiary dedicated to the supply of advanced lighting controls.

Dextra Lighting was involved in the project from design right through to commissioning, working closely with Shoosmiths’ appointed consultants and installers to ensure every detail of the scheme was attended to and that the system was correctly fitted, programmed and ready to go.

The successful collaboration resulted in the creation of a modern and unique office space utilising the latest lighting, AV and communication technology.


The lighting design would need to reflect this concept offering flexibility, modern functionality and provide a look and feel reminiscent of top London firms but adding its own distinct personality and branding touches. The objective was to provide a stimulating and comfortably lit office for staff to work in as well as helping to invoke a sense of trust, competence and prestige in the client suites during presentations and meetings.

The firm’s 32,000 sq ft office occupies two floors in the XYZ building and is designed to be dynamic and diverse by incorporating 11 types of workspace, including a garden, library, multi-zonal project rooms, drafting areas, ‘touch down’ zones, tele-conference rooms and booths for individual employees or groups.

To accommodate this varied and vibrant working environment a wide selection of customisable luminaires would be utilised through the building in conjunction with bespoke sensor and dimming control systems to support a range of activities and working scenarios.

As with most of today’s refits and new developments, high standards of energy-efficiency were to be met, which is why high-quality, sensor-controlled LED luminaires were used exclusively throughout the project. By choosing LED over conventional fluorescent or HID fittings, Shoosmiths can look forward to average reductions in energy costs of up to 70%, with intelligent controls adding a further energy saving of 30%. Maintenance costs will also be significantly lower, as Dextra Group’s used the latest LM80-verified Lumileds sources in all its LED products, which not only eliminate the ongoing costs of frequently replacing conventional lamps, but offer a 90% lumen maintenance for the first 60,000 operating hours allowing each installation to maintain desired light levels for longer.

“Dextra Lighting were approached by ICD, at the CAT B stage of development on account of its strong portfolio of high-profile office refits across the UK”


RUNWAY LED Surface / Suspended & Recessed – Open Plan Offices / Corridors / Business Lounges

The Runway LED range was developed for both an architectural and practical design approach; helping to create an enticing yet functional working environment for Shoosmiths. Its slimline anodised aluminium construction provided a modern minimalist aesthetic with an attractive clear matt finish ideal for high-end applications. The versatile luminaire is offered with a range of options including output packages from 871llm/w to as high as 4244llm in different lengths, various optic designs and bidirectional distribution, making it adaptable to the layout and size of any interior.

The Runway LED is also available with trunking sections of different lengths to create different layouts and continuous runs of luminaires to suit the practical and aesthetic needs of each application. Gear trays are supplied complete with a 6 core 1.5mm through wire loom and quick release clips for fast, easy and flexible installation.

The flexibility of this product range extends to its control options, with compatibility to all mainstream dimming functions (DALI, DSI, Analogue 1-10V, Switch Dimming and Bi-level dimming) and a wide selection of standalone sensors for Dexsor’s Reacta range.

In the open plan office area, luminaires were connected to a Reacta 10A recessed passive infrared sensor (PIR), offering presence detection and bright-out function which switches the lights off when there is adequate natural light. The combination of these functions allows energy savings to be harvested throughout the working day as luminaires will only switch on when and where required.

The Runway LED range is manufactured using the latest mid-power LEDs to ensure optimal energy efficiency with minimal maintenance over the course of its lifetime.

Using these options, the luminaire was customised for various purposes and locations. For the open plan offices, 120 luminaires were suspended from the concrete ceiling, providing task appropriate light levels of 350 Lux evenly above each desk. The 2072llm version of the Runway Surface / Suspended used here features a microprism diffuser which is compliant BSEN 12464 3000 candela glare limitation and UGR 19 (Unified Glare Rating) for offices, allowing staff to comfortably work at their computers and other devices in a uniformly lit, glare-free environment.

The Runway Recessed on the other hand was installed in the corridors adjacent to the office and as general lighting in the business lounges. With a microprism diffuser panel, this slimline recessed luminaire was supplied in a 1853llm output to provide the recommended light level of between 100 and 150 lux, for safe and clear passage in the office’s corridors whilst producing a controlled and uniform light. The luminaire was also specified in a 1000mm length to neatly fit within within decorative niches in the ceiling. For further energy savings, standalone Reacta 7 PIR sensors were surface-mounted onto the ceiling, offering presence detection and bright-out function.

In the wider and taller spaces of the business lounge, a larger 1500mm version with an output of 2221llm, was utilised as general lighting to create an inviting atmosphere and achieve the desired brightness and even coverage from a greater ceiling height using fewer luminaires. Thanks to its mid-output LED chipboard and high-transmission opal diffuser, this version offers an efficiency of as high as 100llm/W and requires minimal maintenance in the long-term.

Pro-Light Mini – Reception & Lobby

The Pro-Light Mini has been developed to offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality LED spot lights for a variety of applications including reception areas, displays and decorative areas. Its high-quality die cast aluminium construction offers a contemporary and elegant finish suitable for architectural lighting designs, but the luminaire has much more to offer in terms of performance, efficiency and light quality.

By combining high-performance aluminium faceted reflectors with the latest 3535 Lumileds LEDs (Tridonic COB?), the luminaire offers superb light quality with energy savings of up to 70% compared to fluorescent or HID equivalents. In addition to the energy savings and low-maintenance benefits of high-quality LED sources, prewired leads and simple retractive spring clips helped minimise installation times and overall costs of ownership for Shoosmiths.

The Pro-Light Mini is extremely adaptable to create all manner of designs looking to make a lasting impression, offering output packages from 1206llm up to 3304llm, four body types (Fixed, Gimbal, Wallwash and Scoop) in both circular and square formats, a choice of three beam angles, colour temperatures and colour rendering options, and comes complete with either specular or semi-specular reflectors that are replaceable via twist-lock mechanism for future changes in layout. With these options available, the luminaire helped bring the reception and lobby to life and greet clients with style.

Protec LED / Protec COB – General Lighting for WC facilities, Corridors, Drafting Areas/ Work Booths & Canteen

The ultra-versatile and efficient Protec LED was utilised in a number locations in the building thanks to its wide range of customisable options. With lumen outputs of up to 3000lm, custom bezels, and a choice of interchangeable colour attachments and reflectors to accommodate future changes in layout or branding colour schemes, this flexible family of downlights is an ideal solution for a broad range of high-end specifications. A BSEN 12464 glare compliant option is also available for areas where computers are in use.

Premium performance and efficiency are at the heart of the Protec LED’s design. Using the latest Lumileds LED, Tridonic or Philips Fortimo divers and high-performance reflectors the luminaire offers LORs as high as 90% with less than half the power load of fluorescent or HID counterparts.

In the bathrooms, the Protec LED was provided in a lower 1100lm output with specular reflector to achieve the required lux level, uniformity ratio and visual comfort for the area. An IP44 front cover was also provided which was silicone sealed by the installers to offer full IP65 protection to water, dirt and dust ingress. Suitable for installation into multiple surface types of different thicknesses (3mm to 42mm), the luminaire was easily fitted within the bathroom’s tile ceiling.

For the work booths, drafting areas and canteen a recessed version of the Protec COB was installed within a series of circular floating panels, suspended directly above each designated space. Like the Protec LED range, this product is highly customisable with fixed bezel, gimbal, drop glass and IP65 rated body formats which are available in either white or brushed chrome finishes, a choice of either a 10w LED chip on board or a 8w dimmable GU10 LED lamp version depending on performance and energy-efficiency requirements, three different beam angles, and lumen outputs of up to 3000lm.

A fire-rated Chip on Board version with a 2000lm output and an efficient aluminium-faceted reflector, allowed each panel to project a narrow and controlled directional light; neatly contouring the booths’ perimeter. A fixed bezel version with a practical hinged back terminal block and spring clips allowed for a quick, hassle-free and cost-effective installation.

The Protec LED and Protec COB offer compatibility to a range of digital and analogue dimming functions and standalone sensors. In this particular case, luminaires are controlled by Reacta 7 and Reacta 10 sensors offering presence detection and bright-out function to maximise energy savings and improve return on investment.

MODLED Slim, Arcus LED & Graduate LED Recessed – Meeting / Teleconference Rooms, IT Communications Room, Kitchens & Storage Areas

A selection of Dextra Lighting’s most popular recessed luminaires was specified for the Shoosmiths offices. For the more visible, high-profile areas such as the meeting and conference rooms, where client presentations and negotiations with other firms are often held, the MODLED Slim was chosen for its aesthetically appealing minimalist design and premium performance. The luminaire’s optic design features a diffuser panel offering 93% transmission of its high-efficiency Lumileds LED source, which together offer a light output ratio of 85%; balancing power and efficiency with balanced glare control. Now available in an 18.9w version offering compliant lux levels and uniformity at typical mounting heights and luminaire spacings, the MODLED is Dextra Lighting’s most efficient office lighting solution to date.

From a range of output packages of up to 12160llm, three body sizes and two installation formats, a 2436llm,1200 x 300mm, pull-up version was provided to achieve the desired light levels and uniformity with wider luminaire spacings, as well as match the type and dimensions of the ceiling tiles. The 2436llm version operates at an efficiency of as high as 128llm/w and is one of several output packages in the MODLED Slim range offering compliance to BSEN 12464 3000 candela glare limitations and UGR 19. The lighting can now fully support the use of a range of VDUs including computers and projectors during meetings and presentations.

The MODLED Slim is compatible with all mainstream dimming functions (DSI, DALI, Analogue 1 – 10v and Switch Dimming) and either integral or standalone sensors from Dexsor’s Reacta range; giving end-users maximum control and designers the flexibility to create tailored-made intelligent lighting solutions for any scenario.

In the 5th floor client suite, different sensor control solutions were required to satisfy the needs of the 15 meeting rooms of various sizes. Depending on the size, number and type of luminaires present in each room, different variants of the Reacta 6, Reacta 7 and Reacta 10 passive infrared sensors were installed, each providing presence detection and bright-out function to maximise energy savings. For example, in the larger conference rooms featuring the MODLED Slim, Protec LED and Linearflex LED strips, luminaires were controlled by a Reacta 6 CDR sensor which was connected to a Helvar Digidim programmable DALI lighting control module. Now an entire network of luminaires will respond to occupancy patterns and daylight levels in the room whilst also offering accurate dimming control of all the luminaires using intuitive Helvar programming tools including a

series of stylish wall switches and user-friendly digital interfaces. This type of sophisticated sensor and dimming technology has given each room the flexible functionality needed to bring Shoosmiths’ “agile working” ethos to practical fruition.

For the kitchens, the Arcus LED offered a modern gull-wing design with all the energy-efficiency and lo-maintenance benefits of LED lighting. From a range of outputs from 2150llm to 6048llm luminaire lumens, the luminaire was provided in a L44 version to achieve the recommended lux levels of a maximum of 500 for kitchen areas and uniform distribution using fewer luminaires for shorter payback periods. Available with a wide selection of sensor and dimming options, the luminaires were connected to a single Helvar DALI LCM, which in turn was controlled by a Helvar 7-button wall-switch at the kitchen’s entrance.

To provide comfortable and task appropriate lighting for Shoosmiths’ IT support staff, the versatile Graduate LED Recessed was installed in a BSEN 12464 glare compliant 2861llm ideal for areas where computers are in use. Thanks to its Lumileds LED source and highly efficient optic design, combining aluminium white gull-wing reflectors with prismatic opal extruded diffuser, the luminaire offers high LORs at an efficiency of 110 at the above mentioned output. A 600 x 600mm lay-in version (pull-up also available) was supplied to suit the control room’s suspended ceiling grid system.

The Graduate LED Recessed is compatible with a range of dimming and sensor options which allowed a network of luminaires to be configured by two Digidim DALI programmable LCMs to operate with Reacta 7 PIR sensors for presence detection and bright-out mode. These easy-to-install intelligent marshalling boxes allow lighting systems to be configured to distribute power, detection and dimming signals across a network of luminaires, helping to create a comfortably-lit environment and optimise energy-efficiency with each scheme.

A 25 litres per second air-handling option is also available with this product which can help integrate the lighting with the building’s air ventilation system by minimising the amount of cut-outs and further modifications required to the ceiling. In turn, this can lower overall installation costs, reduce clutter and improve sound control.


The majority of luminaires used in this project feature integral emergency functions DALI auto-test functions.

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