Paintline Inspection – Bespoke Luminaire

Developed specifically for the car industry, Dextra’s paintline inspection luminaire is designed to allow detailed inspection of paint finishes allowing workers to identify the smallest of blemishes. Where attention to detail is so critical to prevent expensive customer complaints it is critical that employees are given optimum lighting which both highlights defects clearly but also minimises glare and visual fatigue.

  • Two colour windows in warm white and cool white, available in a range of colour temperatures and colour rendering indexes to ensure excellent colour definition and visual contrast accentuating defects and improving fault detection.
  • Large opalised diffusers minimise glare whilst ensuring reflected colour bands on the paint finish are clearly defined.
  • Black front face eliminates unwanted reflections of the luminaire housing minimising visual confusion.
  • IP40 housing helps prevent ingress of paint dust where reworking is undertaken.
  • Available in white tuneable and dimming variants providing full control of both illumination and colour temperature.
  • Customised brackets and prewired cabling systems available to assist installation into existing gantries.
(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100