Players and supporters are delighted as Greene King IPA Championship side, Moseley Rugby Football Club, proudly unveil their world-class facilities in Billesley Common. The sports facility now boasts state-of-the-art LED lighting throughout its newly built grandstand, hospitality complex and indoor bowls rink.

A sum of over £3.5m was raised for the project from a combination of public money and private investors. Birmingham City Council generated most of the funding through the sale of Moseley RFC’s former ground and the old Birmingham Indoor Bowls Centre, with community fundraising initiatives helping to cover the final costs of fitting out the building’s interior.

The investment has created a sports hub that will be used by Birmingham sporting teams and members of the local community. Designed to a high-specification, the expanded new facilities are expected to bring considerable revenue to the club by attracting high-profile clientele for corporate, private and other sports related events.

Dextra Lighting’s precision-engineered luminaires and design vision have contributed greatly to create a modern, inviting and comfortable environment, with the added bonus of guaranteeing ample financial returns for the club and local council.

The Brief
In partnership with RMD Electrical, Dextra Lighting were appointed to design a solution with a strong focus on quality, performance, aesthetics and reliability. The challenge of combining these key factors was met by utilising LED technology for the majority of the project, which included a new-build stand, conference and banqueting complex, changing rooms, indoor bowls rink and other social areas.

“The complete satisfaction demonstrated by loyal supporters, appointed consultants and contractors alike, reinforces Dextra Group’s position as the U.K’s preferred lighting manufacturer of choice. “

Indoor Bowls Rink – Graduate LED

The indoor bowls rink was built to host national level competitions, which according to BSEN12193:2007 standards requires a Lighting Class 1 installation. As such, the lighting had to meet the highest standards expected for European sports environments, providing an optimal light level of 500 Lux whilst minimising glare, to enhance player and spectator experience. To meet these design criteria, one hundred 8700lm Graduate LED luminaires were suspended at approximately 3 meters from the ceiling, to provide uniform coverage and consistent light quality.

Overall, the Graduate LED proved ideal for this type of indoor sports application thanks to a number of attractive features:

  • Advanced optics – Dextra’s unique high-efficiency opal polycarbonate diffuser allows optimum light output ratios whilst ensuring excellent diffusion of the LED source. This optic technology can offer glare reduction below the required 3000 candela limit in most lumen outputs, for maximum visual comfort.

At the rink, luminaires were suspended at an optimal height to prevent a banding effect from forming, which is often caused by reflectances from the mat.

  • Sturdy construction – High-resistance steel housing and robust diffuser with screw retained end caps. An IP40 gasket can be provided upon request for added protection.
  • Attractive design – With a powder-painted white steel body, curved opal diffuser and an integral gear tray that conceals components when lit (which also facilitates installation and maintenance), the Graduate LED offers a modern, minimalist look that has enjoyed great success across different sectors.
  • Excellent efficiency – By combining advanced optic design with the latest Lumileds LEDs, the luminaire delivers first-rate performance at over 110 Ll/mW (varies with size and lumen output) with far lower operating costs compared to fluorescent or HID alternatives. The long life and low maintenance benefits of LED also contribute to the luminaire’s overall reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The Graduate LED has been a mainstay in Dextra Lighting’s product range due its adaptability to a host of applications. Available in lumen packages between 2200 and 13,200 across four body sizes (600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm) and offering viability for surface mount or suspended installation, the luminaire can be tailored to suit a variety of environments and room sizes.

Further options include compatibility with five dimming options, integral sensors (for bright-out and presence detection) or standalone models such as Dextra’s Reacta 44 sensor offering presence detection, daylight regulation and remote control programming function. Emergency options for this product are also available in standard, self-test and auto-test for all safety requirements.

“The Graduate LED has been a mainstay in Dextra Lighting’s product range due its adaptability to a host of applications.”

Conference & Dining Complex – Duet LED

The Duet LED was utilised in the large conference and dining rooms combining efficiency, flexibility and a contemporary and appealing aesthetic. A total of fifty luminaries were suspended from the ceiling in continuous runs, which were separated by complementary blind units to facilitate installation, optimise luminaire spacings and provide aesthetic continuity.

The luminaire was installed in a 8800 lumen package in a cool-white C84 light temperature to achieve the desired light levels and create an inviting atmosphere. To offer a high quality of light and excellent distribution, the Duet combines premium Lumileds LEDs with an efficient TPA Satine blend diffuser. An integral three hour emergency package was also included with the luminaires for added safety.

The driving concept behind the Duet LED is maximum versatility. It is available in a wide range of lumen outputs and has been designed to be surface mounted, suspended individually or continuously run, making it the perfect solution for a multitude of applications. Blind units of varying sizes also allow each scheme to be configured to suit the client’s specific needs and its balanced design, with central cable entry make installation on trunking, conduit, four point or two point Y suspension, as simple and cost-effective as possible.

The luminaire is also available with HFR, Switch Dim, DALI and DSI dimming controls which can be combined with integral or standalone sensors to maximise energy savings.

In addition to the numerous benefits of LED technology, all the LED products featured in this project were offered with Dextra Group’s comprehensive five year warranty for additional peace of mind.

“The complete satisfaction demonstrated by loyal supporters, appointed consultants and contractors alike, reinforces Dextra Group’s position as the U.K’s preferred lighting manufacturer of choice.”

Grandstand and Changing Rooms – Hydra

High-quality and cost-effective fluorescent lighting also featured in this project. The Hydra T5 luminaire (for LED version click here) was used extensively for both the grandstand and the changing rooms. With its IP65 rated, high-quality injection moulded GRP body and polycarbonate cover offering protection against dust, dirt and water ingress, the luminaire delivered a clean and durable solution that would withstand potential water vapour ingress near the showers and light impact. For the semi-outdoor seating area, its resistance to temperatures as low as -20C will allow the luminaire to operate smoothly in all seasons, unaffected by predictably variable (English) weather.

The luminaire was utilised in multiple locations for this project due to its versatility. Available in single or twin lamp options, the Hydra can be manufactured in eight different sizes in either T5 or T8 variants, to suit the client’s needs. Six dimming options and three hour maintained emergency are also offered with this product to broaden the scope of its application.

The Hydra is manufactured complete with quick-slide clips for rapid, and therefore cost-effective, installation. For this project, stainless steel diffuser clips (available with tamper resistant screws for added safety) were supplied to provide tooled access for maintenance in compliance with government regulations.


The Opus HID floodlight was also installed across the perimeter of the stand to light the visitor walkway. Offering fully gasketed IP65 protection with toughened glass and a high quality die-cast aluminium body, the luminaire is built to endure prolonged exposure to the elements and extreme temperatures. An efficient asymmetrical light distribution and precise optics minimise light pollution, preventing unwanted spillage into the pitch and spectator seating area.

In the clubhouse’s main stairwell, the Amenity Exterior bulkhead (also available in LED) provided a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution. The luminaire is suitable for external or internal applications and can be delivered in ratings of IP54 or IP65 accordingly. Available in single 28W or 38W 2D lamp options, the AMEX is offered with a range of body types (“open”, “eye-lid” or “grille”) and colours (white, black or matt silver) to complement a variety of styles and brand colour schemes.

The Protec downlight also provided the best fluorescent has to offer, featuring in a number of circulation areas at the club. The luminaire (also available in LED) owes its popularity to its modern design and increased versatility. With six different body formats (vertical, medium horizontal, large horizontal, wall-wash, surface and IP65) and thirteen different attachments including, coloured glass covers (sealed to IP44 and IP65 upon request) and emergency drop legends, the luminaire has an option suitable for most applications.


To boost its versatility further, the Protec also offers a wide range of lamp options, and although High-Frequency control gear is supplied as standard, Switch Dim, Digital DSI and DALI are also available. A remote three hour maintained emergency pack is also available for this product.

The Protec is suitable for plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal tile installation in ceiling thicknesses from 1mm to 30mm. Installation is made simpler and more flexible by means of practical three point steel stabilising clips to secure the luminaire into the ceiling tile and custom bezels which can be provided to match existing cut-outs.

Other products featured in this project include the Dex T5 recessed luminaire and the Solution Flush and Surface for the facility’s medical and office spaces (for more information on these products click on the links provided).

The success at Billesley Common has shown Dextra Lighting’s ability to develop and deliver projects with demanding design specifications; carefully balancing quality with cost-effectiveness. Completed in time for the 2014-15 season, the modern clubhouse signals a much anticipated new beginning for the club. The complete satisfaction demonstrated by loyal supporters, appointed consultants and contractors alike, reinforces Dextra Group’s position as the U.K’s preferred lighting manufacturer of choice.

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(+44) 01747 858100