Dextra Lighting continue to provide sustainable solutions for the health care sector, helping Medway Maritime Hospital improve its pediatric emergency facilities and performance whilst amply reducing its energy costs.

Under new management since December 2014, Medway Maritime Hospital’s A&E department in Gillingham, has been undergoing extensive restructuring work funded by £13.4m of Department of Health money. The investment is aimed at allowing the hospital to improve its standards of service to a growing annual patient-flow of 400,000. Since early 2015, Dextra Lighting have been part of this ongoing project, introducing LED technology to reduce energy and maintenance costs whilst improving overall lighting conditions.

The upgrade will not only benefit the A&E unit itself. Substantial financial returns gained from the reduced energy consumption and minimal maintenance of high-quality LED luminaires, will have a knock-on effect on the performance of the entire hospital. Government incentives such as the CRC environmental scheme also contribute to the long-term cost-effectiveness of LED, allowing the public health sector to afford to take the next step to a more sustainable future.

Specialising in providing environmentally sound solutions for the complex requirements of the public health sector, consulting engineers, Norman Bromley approached Dextra Lighting on account of its vast range of energy-efficient and cost-effective LED products and its extensive portfolio in health care.

Whist the project began with designing an LED lighting scheme for the main A&E facilities, the second phase focused on the pediatric emergency sub-unit. The brief required lighting to help create a comfortable atmosphere for young patients and their parents, whilst providing bright and functional lighting conditions for staff to work in. This covered a number of locations such as: treatment bays, reception, assessment areas, consulting/examination rooms, staff bases, amenities and storage areas.

“An important part of achieving high standards of service in healthcare, is providing an environment that is patient-focused, welcoming and at the same time efficient”


The popular MODLED recessed luminaire was utilised in the consulting rooms, treatment bays, examination and circulation areas. The luminaire is designed for a range of installation options and was supplied with a pull-up kit (lay-in option also available) to enable installation in the unit’s concealed ceiling grid system.

The versatile MODLED is available in lumen outputs ranging from 1750lm to as high as 15,200lm, in either 600 x 600, 1200 x 300mm, 1200 x 600mm panel sizes, offering the flexibility to design the most effective solution for the needs of patients and medical staff. Both the 4500lm 3500lm variants were specified for this project to achieve optimal light levels in each area, with the 3500lm option being ideal for retrofit applications with tighter luminaire spacings.


An important part of achieving high standards of service in healthcare, is providing an environment in that is patient-focused, welcoming and at the same time efficient. Thanks to its advanced optic design offering 93% transmission and the latest Philips LEDs, the MODLED delivers both comfort and functionality by reducing glare to the BSEN 12464 3000 candela requirements for lumen packages of up to 7000lm, whilst offering a light output ratio in excess of 85%, allowing staff to perform at their best in a well-lit environment.

The luminaire was fitted with practical Switch Dimming drivers and controls, allowing staff to easily adjust light levels to suit their needs. For other applications, the MODLED is also compatible with HFR, DALI and DSI dimming functions.