Lough Moss Leisure Centre

With an average energy saving of 68% and a significant reduction in future maintenance costs, Dextra Lighting’s LED solution allowed Lisburn & Castlereagh Council to improve its leisure facilities in line with sustainability targets set by central government.

Located in the heart of Carryduff, Northern Ireland, the Lough Moss facility offers a vital service to the local community. As part of a recent refurbishment plan, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council put the contract out to tender aiming to minimise the building’s running costs and carbon footprint whilst refreshing its look and feel.

With its wide range of precision-engineered LED products, vast bespoke capabilities, fast delivery service and inclusive disposal and recycling service, Dextra Group were selected for the project to provide a future-proof lighting solution for the centre.

Local Authorities & Sustainable Procurement – What LED can provide

As outlined in The Local Government Act 2000 (or Part 12 of the Northern Ireland Local Government Act 2014), local authorities / councils now have more power to continually improve the well-being of their areas. With power, however, comes responsibility, and as a result councils also have a greater duty to use their buying power and procurement practices to stimulate the market for sustainable products and services.

Local spend for community projects, therefore, plays an important role in catalysing change towards a more sustainable future. If the government seeks to lead by example with its green policies, then its use of taxpayer money needs to reflect both policy and business aspects of sustainable development. A well-designed LED upgrade fits in well in this scenario as it is a simple, immediate and effective way for local authorities to reduce both their overheads and environmental impact in the long term.

Dextra Lighting’s LED products offer the energy-saving and low-maintenance benefits of high-quality, LM80 verified Lumileds LEDs with 90% lumen maintenance within the first 60,000 operating hours. Combined with the expertise of highly experienced team of experts, further savings can be made through efficient bespoke designs, lighting controls and simplified installation to guarantee the best possible ROIs and payback periods.

The projected savings for Lough Moss Leisure Centre demonstrate the potential of sustainable lighting designs on a smaller local level, but if these standards were incorporated as best-practice within the public sector’s procurement strategies, the impact could be amplified greatly.

The Brief

The project involved replacing the existing T8 fluorescent fittings in the main hall, gym and circulation areas with high-quality energy-efficient LED alternatives. Lux levels needed to be raised whilst lowering energy consumption.

Installation and maintenance costs were also to be kept to a minimum to improve returns on investment for the council. Compliance to ECA, L2 and building safety regulations were to be observed throughout.

“The projected savings for Lough Moss Leisure Centre demonstrate the potential of sustainable lighting designs on a smaller local level”

the products

Main Reception & Corridors – Capo LED / Arcus LED / Ecopak LED
Total energy saving 66%

A combination of luminaires were selected for the reception and circulation areas of the building. The Capo LED pendant luminaire was suspended in the entrance lobby to create an appealing and inviting first impression for visitors. The Capo LED’s design combines efficiency with form, with its high-quality anodised spun rear housing, opal refractor and translucent collar (available in different colours), offering an attractive finish as well as flexibility to a range of architectural concepts and corporate themes. Its compact housing neatly encloses all dimming and emergency control gear without compromising the luminaire’s aesthetic.

The luminaire was supplied in a 2992llm output version (3847llm also available), creating a soft and comfortable ambient light.

The Arcus LED recessed luminaire, on the other hand, was installed in the centre’s reception and wider circulation areas with existing ceiling grid systems. The luminaire features an attractive gull-wing design available in twin or single extruded diffusers depending on the light coverage required.

The Ecopak LED batten luminaire helped maximise returns on investment for the council not only by reducing energy consumption by over 60% compared to the previous fluorescent fixtures, but by also minimising installation costs. With a matching footprint to a typical fluorescent T8 batten and a two-part construction with rear-spine and a one-piece clip-in gear tray and diffuser, mounting and electrical connections were made quick simple for a cost effective installation.