Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) delivers academic excellence to 20,000 students from over 100 countries with a defining mission as the University for the Common Good. Established as a University in 1993, the University’s modern campus in Glasgow’s city centre is among the best learning environments in the UK.

In the final phases of its ‘Heart of the Campus’ redevelopment project, the University’s Estates department approached Dextra Lighting to improve the lighting conditions and energy efficiency of two main campus buildings.

The lighting project would be designed in line with the university’s sustainable development model, to continuously improve its estate and boost its environmental credentials. The aim, as with most improvement projects in education, was to help to attract a high calibre of students from around the world and remain competitive.

As with most schools and universities nowadays, GCU aim to convert exclusively to LED through incremental lighting upgrades. This simple measure will not only significantly lower the institution’s carbon footprint but also reduce its energy usage by up to approximately 60% compared to fluorescent equivalents, as well as

financial benefits from the government’s CRC scheme. These energy savings can be increased further by incorporating advanced sensor and dimming controls.

Thanks to the long life and reliability of LM80-tested 3535 Lumileds LED sources offering 90% LED lumen maintenance at 60,000 operating hours, Dextra Group’s LED range allow maintenance costs to be kept to a minimum with each installation by avoiding frequent lamp changes compared to fluorescent fixtures.

The new energy-saving LED system at GCU was composed of carefully selected luminaries which integrate into the existing infrastructure, whilst standing out for their appealing modern designs.

The luminaires were supplied within a tight delivery schedule and allowed for a quick and simple installation to minimise interruptions to learning and access to facilities.

The Brief

The university’s estate managers were looking for something aesthetically different, whilst offering future-proof standards of energy-efficiency.

The George Moore building, also featuring a number of high profile conferences rooms available for hire; corridors and other circulation areas needed to be brightened up and modernised by replacing the outdated fluorescent fixtures.

“Thanks to the long life and reliability of LM80-tested 3535 Lumileds LED sources offering 90% LED lumen maintenance at 60,000 operating hours, Dextra Group’s LED range allow maintenance costs to be kept to a minimum”

the products

Marketing Suite / Office – Revox LED

The Revox LED was selected for the marketing office to offer an attractive and efficient alternative to conventional flat panel lighting. The semi-recessed luminaire’s optic design features satine blend curved wings to project an up light onto the ceiling paired with a microprism diffuser to provide high LORs and a controlled and uniform distribution for maximum visual clarity and comfort .


Circulation Areas – MODLED Slim & Discalo LED

The MODLED Slim recessed panel luminaire and the Discalo LED architectural downlight combined to create a fresh and modern aesthetic to the corridors and landings.

To replace the previous fluorescent panel lights, the MODLED Slim LED was supplied in a 1200 x 300mm body to fit into the corridor’s suspended ceiling grid. Ideal for retrofit applications with closer luminaire spacings, the 3500 lumen package was chosen to allow luminaires to be configured according to the existing ceiling positions, and raise the Lux levels evenly whilst lowering the overall electrical load.

Thanks to the luminaire’s high transmission diffuser, the 3500lm version is also complaint to the BSEN 12464 3000 candela limit whilst maintaining a high LOR of 85%, for a brighter, yet glare-free environment. This range was also chosen for its attractive minimalist design, which harmonised well with the contemporary look of the newly refurbished area.

The MODLED Slim also features an integral Reacta 24 sensor for presence and daylight detection, which can be combined with most mainstream dimming functions for further energy savings.

The Discalo LED also helped bring an elegant and polished finish to the refurbished landings and stairways, with its highly attractive circular housing and outer coloured trim producing a decorative halo effect onto the ceiling. White or blue colour attachments can be provided to customise this effect to harmonise the building’s interior design and colour scheme.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, the Discalo LED offers premium performance, low maintenance and modern functionality in a single package.

The Discalo’s rear diffuser can also be removed with a twist lock action to facilitate access for installation and maintenance and is available in either white or blue options for a customised halo effect.