Pleased with Dextra Group’s high-quality and reliable T5 products and fast efficient service back in 2009, Draper Tools contacted Dextra Lighting once again to provide the next generation LED lighting for their warehouse and packing facilities at different locations in Hampshire. The upgrade was driven by Draper’s continuous commitment to operational efficiency and environmentally sustainable practice throughout.

About the Client

Founded almost a century ago, Draper Tools is one of the leading distributors of professional and consumer tools in the U.K. Seven years ago the company outgrew its HQ in Chandler’s Ford and had to take over another 350,000 sq ft industrial unit in North Baddesley Hampshire, whilst reconfiguring its existing Hursley Road site to accommodate brand-new packing and storage facilities.

Draper’s Environmental Policy is a clear statement of intent showing the company’s strong commitment to reducing its impact on climate change, outlining a concerted effort to integrate the latest energy-efficient technology and processes in its operations. The policy is also clear on being highly selective with

its supply chain, making sure to procure from company’s which follow responsible and sustainable practice.

Dextra Group originally partnered with Draper Tools for the opening of its then new HQ in 2009. Pleased with the quality and performance of the service and precision-engineered products, appointed BHM Electrical Services who working in partnership with consultants Nicholas Owen Associates LTD and have collaborated with Dextra on many occasions, were contacted to take part in the company’s latest expansion project.

The Brief

Draper’s recently expanded industrial facilities required a cutting-edge solution that used the previously successful T5 installation as a model, offering a similar performance, or improved where possible, but with enhanced reductions of energy consumption.

As with most industrial projects, fast delivery and efficient installation were essential to avoid prolonged and costly interruptions to company operations. Once installed, the new lighting system was to benefit from the extended life and lumen maintenance of LED which significantly economises on maintenance by eliminating the need for frequent lamp changes in typically high ceilings.

In addition to the industrial areas, comfortable and efficient lighting was also required for offices, amenities, and circulation areas. As a result, both Dexeco and Dextra Lighting product ranges were used to cater for these different environments.

To maximise energy savings further, intelligent sensor and dimming controls were to be incorporated in the design, improving the company’s overall environmental performance and position in the CRC League table for further financial benefits.

All products required full ECA compliance and an automated emergency lighting system in accordance to building safety regulations.

“intelligent sensor and dimming controls were to be incorporated in the design, improving the company’s overall environmental performance and position in the CRC League table “


Energy-Efficient Lighting & Intelligent Controls for Industrial Applications

For the warehouse extension, the design was simple: provide an LED version of the Verteco T5 high-level luminaire which had so far served the company well. LED technology has allowed the market-leading Verteco range to offer staggering improvements in energy-efficiency and reduced maintenance, whilst retaining its versatile functionality and outstanding performance. Combining the latest Lumileds LEDs, now LM80-verified to offer 90% LED lumen maintenance for 60,000 operating hours, with advanced optic technology, the luminaire performs at up to 121 Llm/w depending on lumen output, whilst consuming around 50% less than fluorescent equivalents.

Available in a higher band of lumen outputs and a selection of customisable optics, 115 luminaires were specified in both 26,400 and 34,500lm lumen packages for different areas of the warehouse. For the racking aisles, a 26,400lm surface mounted version was installed with an ultra-high rack optic at efficient spacings of 13m mounted at 11m; providing uniformity and visual clarity for handling goods, whilst minimising glare for staff. The higher 34,500m option, on the other hand, was suspended from the ceiling in the more open areas of the warehouse, complete with its efficient opal diffuser for a wide distribution and excellent coverage, allowing Draper to save more money by using fewer luminaires.

The Verteco LED range sets itself apart from the majority of high-bays on the

market by using mid-power LED boards instead of high-output sources, offering the high light outputs for high-level industrial applications without causing hazardous glare – This allows staff to work in visually comfortable and safer conditions. The luminaire’s constant lumen output also eliminates lumen depreciation of the source over lifetime, allowing the installation to maintain the required light levels for longer without frequent servicing.

Integral R14 passive infra-red sensors provided daylight and presence detection for each individual luminaire. As the warehouse operates around the clock, incorporating intelligent controls can have a huge impact on energy consumption, boosting overall efficiency by a potential 20% for faster returns on investment. These sensors can be customised with three lens types; narrow, wide and ultra wide, to provide accurate detection in all environments. Remote control programming was also provided allowing simple commissioning and accurate control at heights between 4 and 18M. As the sensor is built in the luminaire itself, installation is made quick and easy as no complex interlink communication wiring is required.

To help the appointed technicians carry out a quick installation, the Verteco LED features a unique slide-out mounting bracket offering a simple and accessible method of mounting to trunking. A practical back flap offered easy access for wiring during installation and future maintenance. For projects where time is of the essence, the luminaires can also be provided with pre-wired cables.

Packing Line – EcoPack LED

Over 300 EPK LED luminaires were installed in the new packing and storage facility, making full use of its available range of options. Using the latest light modelling software, Dextra Group’s design team calculated the most efficient luminaire spacings using both 5,400 and 6,300 lumen outputs from a range of up to 9000lm, in both standard diffuser and high-rack louvre.

The EPK LED uses the latest Lumileds LEDs combined with a high-transmission opal polycarbonate diffuser to offer light output ratios as high as 88%, whilst operating at a highly efficient 134 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.

This premium performance allowed the luminaire to achieve the required light levels and uniformity to give staff maximum visibility, whilst offering enhanced savings compared to fluorescent battens.

As with the Verteco LED, the EPK was supplied with its integral R44 PIR sensor to provide presence and daylight regulation, which is programmable using the user-friendly and accurate RE-AP remote control.

The luminaires were delivered with pre-wired with Fast-Fix interlink cables and were ready to “plug-and-play” upon arrival. In addition, its gear tray retained to spine with quick release spring clips helped make installation as quick and cost-effective as possible.

Under Canopy Area & Plant Room – Eco Impervia LED / Hydra LED

The IP65-rated Eco Impervia LED and Hydra LED were selected for areas where protection from water, dust and dirt ingress and light impact was critical, such as the warehouse’s plant room and the large under canopy area. These luminaires also offer resistance to a wider temperature range, allowing the Eco Impervia to withstand changes in weather, and the Hydra LED to be unaffected by the heat generated in the plant room.

Versatility is at the core of both the Hydra LED and Eco Impervia ranges which are

made available in a wide range of lumen outputs, body sizes, choice of optics and sensor controls. Due to the size and height of the under canopy area, the Eco Impervia was supplied in a higher 9600lm version providing a bright and uniformly lit exterior.

Bringing all the benefits of LED for energy efficiency and low maintenance, the Eco Impervia was also supplied with the R44 sensor, which is integrated into the luminaire’s polycarbonate diffuser to work in conjunction with DALI dimming controls to adapt to daylight levels and staff movements for further energy savings.