Coleg Cambria, Deeside Site, Food Court & Hub, North Wales

Coleg Cambria’s Deeside Site in North Wales is a vital part of the further education college’s estate. The College is one of the largest in the UK and has an excellent reputation for developing several skill sets.

The Deeside site is home to Cambria’s Deeside Six and University Centre. The award-winning Engineering Centre of Excellence at the campus is one of the best engineering training facilities in the UK and the recently opened University Centre features world-class facilities to support degree level students.

The sports facilities onsite are some of the best in the region and include Deeside Stadium, North Wales Indoor Athletic Centre and Lifestyle Fitness gym. Commercial facilities include the industry standard salon, state of the art workshops and a sector leading Construction Skills Centre.

Coleg Cambria has an on-going refurbishment program and in this case Dextra Group was asked to design and supply lighting for the refurbishment of the food court and hub area at the College’s Deeside Site.

Collaborating with contractor, Fred Weston Electrical Contractors and consultant/architect TACP, Dextra was chosen for its expertise in providing lighting solutions to educational establishments all over the UK, with many already completed in Wales.


Coleg Cambria wanted a modern look with clean lines to refresh the open food court areas, in replacement of the old pendant fittings. The ideal solution to this was Dextra’s Runway Surface/Suspended product and 17 were installed in the food court area alone. The Runway Surface/Suspended is the right solution where lighting must fulfill both architectural and practical purposes.

The Surface and Suspended Runway provides a slim line appearance with an aluminium housing available in three colour options, a range of lengths and lumen outputs as well as bidirectional variants. This ensures designers can create a layout that enhances any space with an attractive environment for workers and potential customers. The Runway is available in a range of continuous run and recessed options where required and it is also available in a cross variant for decorative suspended applications.

Alongside this, the Runway Continuous Surface/Suspended was used to provide a suspended continuous run solution for the high ceiling sections of the food court area. 58 geartrays were supplied in total. The hub area also included 2m suspended units placed between the acoustic panels. This achieved the modern look, with clean lines to refresh the area that Coleg Cambria were searching for.

The Runway Continuous Surface/Suspended is manufactured in a slim line aluminium housing offering surface mounted and suspended options in either continuous runs or as individual luminaires. Available in three colour options, the luminaire offers the versatility to be surface mounted or suspended in continuous runs, combined with corner sections, a range of lengths and lumen outputs and optional bidirectional distribution.

Also fitting in with this style was the Runway Continuous Recessed. Thirteen geartrays were installed in the hub break out area. To manage the tight space in this area and provide a hassle-free installation process, Dextra inverted the wiring on the corners of the product, enabling the contractor to install start of run luminaries close to the services, as this was particularly tight on space.

To give a modern finish to the whole project, Elisian was chosen in the hub break out areas where 22 dimmable versions were supplied. With a shallow housing of just 65mm the Elisian is ideal for restricted void spaces whilst the four re-tractive sprung steel brackets allow it to be installed quickly and simply into plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal pan ceiling tiles. The Elisian is available with either an opal or low glare microprism diffuser, as well as offering a range of lumen outputs and colour temperatures.

In the offices and meeting rooms, 16 Mod Edge UGR’s were used to help create a flat panel style. The Mod Edge UGR compliments Dextra’s recessed modular range with an edge lit modular luminaire with a housing depth of just 8.5mm, ideal for applications where ceiling void depth is limited and a minimum of space is available to lift and tilt luminaires into position.

The MOD Edge UGR is manufactured with a TP(a) compliant microprismatic diffuser providing peace of mind that safety regulations are adhered to whilst allowing installation in applications where glare compliance to both BSEN12464 and UGR 19 are required.

On the exit routes the HBE2 LED was installed. This is a popular luminaire used for this purpose and is a highly versatile exit sign, designed to suit nearly all emergency exit applications. The standard product is suitable for both suspension and surface mounting, whilst the blade angle can be pivoted through a range of angles when mounting onto sloped ceilings. In addition to this, recessing kits and wall mounting kits are available as optional extras.



Overview: The Elisian offers an attractive polo ring design adding visual interest to installations whilst also allowing simple inclusion of sensor controls for both presence detection and daylight regulation.



Overview: The MOD Edge UGR compliments our recessed modular range with an edge lit modular luminaire with a housing depth of just 8.5mm.



Overview: This highly versatile exit sign is designed to suit nearly all emergency exit applications.

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