Technology pioneers, Cambridge Consultants, specified an array of precision-engineered products from the Dextra Lighting range, for the complete refurbishment of their modern canteen facilities and brand new offices.

High specification products for high profile clients

For 50 years, Cambridge Consultants have pushed the boundaries of product development engineering and technological innovation. The company has earned an excellent international reputation, working with the world’s largest and most influential blue-chip companies as well as innovative start-ups. With such a high profile client, it was vital that the new lighting installation would reflect the company’s identity and world-class credentials, by delivering the highest standards of quality and performance.

Awarded with a 2-star accreditation for “outstanding” workplace engagement for two consecutive years, the prestigious firm also prides itself in how it looks after its staff. Considering company CEO, Alan Richardson’s recent comment stating that “investment in new facilities will

enable us to keep pace with the soaring demand and ensure our staff have a world-class environment in which to thrive”, it was clear that aesthetic appeal, safety, user-friendly controls and visual comfort were all important pre-requisites for the lighting project, helping to create a stimulating, productive and comfortable workplace.

In essence, the challenge was to create a fresh and contemporary lighting atmosphere to match the style of the new canteen and offices. Using the latest technology available, this modern look was to be achieved whilst reducing the client’s energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Canteen

The allocated budget of £750,000 for the canteen alone, gave a clear picture of the scale of the refurbishment project. This included the renovation of the kitchens, service and dining areas, and stairwells. The canteen area also functioned as an area for meetings and product demonstrations, often serving as a key interface between the company and its high-end clients. Therefore, easily accessible lighting controls and dimming functions were also necessary part of the installation, providing the client the required flexibility for each task.

For the multi-purpose canteen area, the attractive MODLED Curve, supported by adjustable Hi-Track LED display lights, provided a flexible solution suitable for dining, meetings and product demonstrations. With its new and visually appealing curved diffuser designed for optimum light distribution on walls and ceilings, the MODLED Curve functioned as the main lighting for this area. Compliant with BSEN 12464 guidelines for glare control and a light output ratio of up to 78%, this recessed luminaire ensured a superior quality of light and visual comfort for both staff and visitors. Installed with Digital Dimming Switch Dim (ECO) lighting controls, the client is now able to easily regulate the lighting levels for a range of activities including video/slide projections and prototype displays.

This new addition to the MODLED range is also available in 3500, 4500, 6800 and 7600 lumen outputs in 600 x 600mm luminaire sizes, whilst the 1200 x 600mm size is offered in 7000, 9000, 13600 and 15200 lumen versions.

Alongside the MODLED Curve, the Tridonic SLEpowered Hi-Track LED luminaire provided bursts of accent lighting to enhance the dining area, as well as facilitate product demonstrations. Manufactured from die-cast aluminium and powder painted matt white with black detailing, the Hi-Track’s sturdy and

durable construction also offers a modern and attractive appearance, which fully complemented the canteen’s interior design. The Hi-Track is the ideal choice for display lighting applications, offering a host of options that provide maximum flexibility for locations subject to changes in both function and layout.

On one side of the dining area, the Hi-track LED was mounted on a series of circuit tracks in both horizontal and vertical body styles at a 25 degree beam angle. The track runs stretched across the entire ceiling to allow the luminaires to be positioned and configured for the best result. These were painted in a stylish grey, harmonising with the location’s style and colour scheme.

The circuit track system is the key behind the Hi-Track’s increased versatility. Supplied complete with 90 degree corner joints, T pieces, straight joints, start and end sections, the track can be easily designed to suit a wide range of layouts. For a quick and easy installation and adjustment, the luminaire is offered with a three circuit track adaptor and a rotary dial for individual control and circuit selection. These features combined, allow for each individual luminaire to be either switched on or off, manually rotated and pivoted, and positioned in a desired location along the length of the track.

With the choice between Colour 83 or Colour 84 colour temperatures and lumen outputs between 1400 lumen and 3000 lumen for LED, or 30W and 70W for CDMTC options, the Hi-track is designed to adapt to the client’s diverse aesthetic and practical needs.

The kitchen and service areas however, required a more durable and robust solution to cope with the arduous working conditions. The IP65 rated IMPR LED proved to be the ideal choice, as its sturdy construction offers complete protection in areas subject to dirt, dust and water. The high quality recessed luminaire also benefits from the advantages of LED. Unlike traditional fluorescent or HID lamps, LED lights do not have fragile casings, filaments or tubes and have a far lower lumen depreciation, allowing it to maintain the required light levels for years rather than months. Their glass and mercury free composition also completely eliminates the risk of shattered lamps contaminating the food in preparation. Together, these features make the IMPR LED a safe, low maintenance and problem-free choice, fulfilling the strict requirements of food safe areas.

The IMPR LED offers more than just all-round durability. The efficient luminaire also provides the higher illuminance levels and uniform coverage required for busy work places, as its advanced optic panel provides excellent diffusion but still allows up to 93% light transmission. Available in a range of lumen outputs between 3500lm and 9000lm in different body sizes, this product can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications.

The Protec LED downlight provided the high illuminance levels required for the busy servery. By combining the latest Philips LEDs and Fortimo/Xitanium drivers with anodised aluminium OptiSpec or OptiSat reflectors for efficient and wide distribution, the ultra-efficient Protec LED offers an LOR in excess of 90% with outstanding energy savings.

Available in 1100, 2000 and 3000 lumen packages, numerous polycarbonate colour attachments and reflectors that can be easily removed and replaced after installation, the Protec LED is a highly versatile solution, adaptable to the interior’s colour scheme, layout and décor. The luminaire can also be installed into most surfaces including plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal tile installation, with custom bezels available upon request for retrofit applications. In addition, the Protec range is offered with DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) dimming and an integral 3 hour emergency lighting option to suit the client’s needs.

For the stairwell leading up to the canteen, the Discalo LED provided an attractive, safe and highly-efficient lighting solution, requiring minimal maintenance. The luminaire was delivered in an elegant white opal rear diffuser (also available in a decorative blue), producing a characteristic halo effect to match the yellow and white colour scheme. The diffuser can also be removed for easy maintenance and installation thanks to a practical twist lock mechanism.

Offering 1500 or 2000 lumen output and light output ratios in excess of 80%, the Discalo LED gives similar performance to traditional fluorescent sources at significantly lower energy costs.

To further energy savings, the luminaire can be installed with an integral microwave sensor, providing presence detection and a bright out function. The sensor can be set to either an on/off option, or offered with a bi-level dimming function to dim the LED to 10% output for continuous background lighting where required for health and safety and to provide reassurance to pedestrians.

The brand-new “Phase 6” offices

To achieve the optimal lighting conditions in the firm’s sophisticated, multi-million pound office complex, the new installation would have to meet stringent government regulations for office applications without detriment to aesthetic appeal. The BSEN1264 compliant Solution Elite T5 luminaire amply satisfies these criteria and offers much more in terms of performance, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Utilising Dextra’s latest louvre technology and high efficiency T5 lamps, the Solution Elite has amongst the best performance in Dextra Lighting’s recessed modular luminaire range, with light output ratios of up to 85%. Its incredible efficiency combined with optimum distribution allows flexible spacings of up to 3M x 2.4M for a range of office environments, minimising the quantity of luminaires required. This guaranteed Cambridge Consultants a rapid return of investment by greatly reducing the capital cost of installation as well as the future maintenance and running costs of the luminaires. This also made the fitting process simpler for electrical subcontractors, Munros, who were in charge of the installation.

Available in 600×600, 1200×600 and 1200×300 body sizes and single, double or triple T5 lamp options, the versatile luminaire was successfully tailored to suit both small conference rooms as well as the capacious main office area. Supplied complete with DSI controls and sensors, the Solution Elite also allowed the system to maximise energy savings.

Overall, the lighting project has been a great success, with the latest LED and T5 technology providing the standards of quality required from a high profile, internationally reputed firm. The selection of Dextra Lighting’s precision-engineered luminaires, contributed significantly to provide the company’s valued staff with a stunning and comfortable lighting environment, whilst allowing the new facilities to operate in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

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