Dextra Lighting Ltd have had a strong 15 year relationship with BUPA UK. Since 2013 Dextra have been working closely with them to roll out an LED lighting refurbishment programme to assist compliance with their Environmental 2020 policy by reducing energy consumption & carbon impact globally, while also improving the living & working environment.

One of BUPA UK’s key administrative sites is their head office in Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A. The brief for this project was to introduce lighting controls & upgrade from T8 to LED while also redesigning the lighting layout to reduce energy & enhance the lit environment. A simple one for one design was not desired or deemed appropriate. Offices & support areas occupy all 9 floors, 7 of which plus the basement were in this project scope. All works also had to be fast tracked with minimum disruption, hence work was over night & at weekends.

After detailed surveys it was established that there were 2318 luminaires to be

removed. Their locations were put on CAD & lighting designs were carried out to optimise the existing ceiling layout & arrays. Ultimately a total of 1539 new luminaires & 779 replacement ceiling tiles were proposed using a combination of 20 bespoke LED variants.

As part of the contract Dexreco were engaged to collect “end of life” fittings & lamps for recycling. The challenge for both deliveries & collections was the that location is on a “Red Route” so all vehicles had to attend out of office hours & labour needed to be co-ordinated carefully to assist with unloading.

“Savings are expected to increase through the summer months as more daylight is harvested.”

The main style of luminaire took a 1200mm linear pull up form with steel structure, DSI dimming & panel mount/marshalling box rapid wiring. This was in conjunction with a double layered optic combining opal & microprism to create a compliant low glare solution. Highly populated large surface area LED cards were used to ensure a homogeneously lit surface area was achieved.

The predicted energy saving was 60% on the lighting alone & figures have since


proven that this resulted in the building as a whole (lights, heating, computers, air conditioning etc.) reducing energy use by 20%. Savings are expected to increase through the summer months as more daylight is harvested. The staff are very satisfied with the end result & their working environment has greatly improved.

BUPA UK are a forward thinking client whose efforts deserve to be recognised.

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100