At Dextra Group we offer a comprehensive range of emergency lighting products. Whilst we’ve built a range to cover all scenarios, there is often a need for guidance when attempting to select the correct signage for a given application.

The expectations of BS 5499-4-2013 safety signs code of practice for escape routes are summarised as “To avoid confusion, all signs within a system of escape route signing should be of similar style, design, size and format.”

Ironically, with this in mind, there is a considerable level of confusion surrounding the correct specification of emergency signage.

With the existence of multiple fire exit sign styles, such as ISO and EURO, there is very little agreement amongst designers as to what is the correct choice. For all new projects we recommend the use of ISO signage but acknowledge the use of EURO signage when matching to existing installations.

Below we have put together some basic diagrams to assist with the correct specification of both ISO and EURO signage.

Single Storey Exit Signs

Exits to stairwells