The Reacta-Air sensor is an integrally mounted sensor offering both presence detection and daylight regulation and also includes a wireless linking system that allows luminaires to be grouped for simultaneous operation. The commissioning process is carried out via a tablet or smart phone with the appropriate app.

The Reacta-Air sensor is compatible with a range of wireless wall switches which are both wirelessly connected to the sensor and battery operated ensuring that switches can be installed quickly and easily wherever required with minimal disruption.

Apps User Manual

View here for more about our wireless controls.

Features & Benefits

  • Mounting Type: Integral
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Maximum Mounting Height: 3M
  • Occupancy Detection: PIR
  • Daylight Control: Daylight Regulation/Bright Out
  • Detection Diameter – Micro: 1.9M x 2.9M at 2.4M mounting height
  • Detection Diameter – Macro: 2.9M x 4.3M  at 2.4M mounting height
  • Output: DALI
  • Programmer: App
  • Voltage: 230v 50/60Hz
  • Control: Single Driver
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Colour: White

Adjustable Parameters

  • Field Task Level: 1-100%
  • Eco on Level: 1-100%
  • Background Light Level: 1-100%
  • Daylight based control: Yes/No
  • Group/Zone occupancy sharing: Yes/No
  • Occupancy based control: Yes/No
  • Occupancy Mode: Auto on-off/auto off/manual
  • Hold Time: 2-100 min
  • Prolong Time: 2-100 min

Sensor Detection

(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100