Lighting control module (LCM), 10 way luminaire connection centre with 2 separate ways for connecting Reacta 7 & 8 sensors. Luminaires are connected using 6 pole blue/black locking connection leads whilst the sensors are connected using 7 pole black/grey locking connection leads. 2 x Hard-wired switch inputs. Locking leads provide additional electrical connection reliability.  6 Pole pre-wired luminaire leads, 7 Pole sensor connecting leads and 6 or 7 pole male plugs are available separately.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical solution for the connection of luminaires to either Reacta 7 presence/absence/daylight detectors or conventional switches.
  • Simple, streamlined installation without the need for specialist knowledge.
  • Accelerated installation, cutting contract times and allowing buildings to be occupied within shorter time-frame.
  • Luminaire and sensor connectors employ unique ‘dual-latching’ system to provide secure electrical connections.
  • Flexibility to re-configure the system when installation requirements change.
  • A range of pre-wired luminaire and sensor leads/connectors available (sold separately) allows the easy connection of sensors.
  • Nominal voltage: 230v 50Hz.
  • Product rating/recommended circuit protection: 16Amps.
  • Maximum load per socket outlet: 6Amps.
  • Maximum total LCM load: 16Amps.
  • Supply terminal capacity: 6.0mm² (2 x 2.5mm2).
  • Dimming terminal capacity: 4.0mm².
  • Case material: Polycarbonate.
  • Case finish: Lightly textured light grey.
  • 10 x Luminaire sockets blue/black female connectors with locking rails.
  • 2 x Sensor sockets black/grey female connectors with locking rails.
  • Weight = 1.85kg


  • REA-7-BLBK-6-7P-MB_dwg

  • REA-7-BLBK-6-7P-MB_wir




Code Description
REA 7 BLBK 6-7P MB Lighting Control Module (LCM), 10 Blue/Black Luminaire Sockets, 2 Black/Grey Sensor Sockets
(+44) 01747 858100
(+44) 01747 858100