Dexretail and Southern Co-op partner up once again to achieve sustainability goals

Southern Co-op partnership continues – After the success of a highly co-ordinated LED rollout for 56 funeral homes last year, Dexretail was approached again by the independent regional co-operative to design, manufacture and deliver a bespoke LED system for a new Co-op food store in Abbotswood, Romsey. The design concept was extremely well received and will be adopted for all new stores and refurbishments moving forward.


Southern Co-op is a large, independent co-operative society with its roots in the south of England. Their main business is food – with a network of over 200 food stores but they also offer end of life services including funeral homes, crematoria and a natural burial ground. They’ve been owned and traded by people across the region for over 140 years and their values reflect a fair, fresh, for all approach to business.

Southern Co-op believes in purpose before profit and they strive to manage their business in a sustainable manner to ensure long term success for its customers, colleagues, members and stakeholders alike. Southern Co-op are committed to

working with local suppliers across their trading area enriching the commerce in the region and reducing carbon miles of its supply chain.

As one of the leading manufacturers of energy-efficient lighting in the UK based in Gillingham Dorset, Dextra Group was a great match for Southern Co-op’s values and principles; fully equipped to offer bespoke sustainable lighting designs, unrivalled delivery times, a comprehensive range of ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme) compliant low-energy LED products, and WEEE compliant recycling of end of life products.


Last year, Southern Co-op entrusted Dexretail to provide high-quality energy-efficient lighting for its funeral care estate. The project involved a high degree of planning and co-ordination to complete within the 3 month time frame. The success of this extensive renovation project has led Dextra Group to become Southern Co-op’s sole lighting supplier and recycling service provider across all their business areas and has since delivered bespoke solutions to a further 24 stores across the south.

The launch of Southern Co-op’s Abbotswood store marked the introduction of a new design concept for the future; serving as an example for upcoming refurbishments and new stores. A future-proof lighting design was required that could be customised to meet the brand’s new aesthetic whilst abiding to the Southern Co-op’s sustainability policy by minimising energy use and delivering both value for money and a high return on investment for its members and stakeholders.

“Sensor and dimming controls would also help reduce overall energy savings by an average of 30% in addition to the predicted energy savings for further ROI”