Dexretail help Alex Appleton Jewellery bring its captivating displays back to the high-street with an array of precision-engineered LED products.

about the client

Alex Appleton Jewellers is a manufacturer of high-quality handmade bespoke jewellery. A member of the National Association of Goldsmiths, the company adheres to a strict code of practice to maintain high professional standards. After successfully trading in Wincanton for the last 11 years, company owner, Alex Appleton, has recently taken over a beautiful, yet near-derelict, Grade 2 listed building, to relocate her business on the town’s high street.

Major restoration work was needed to bring the building back to life, putting a

significant dent in the budget. To add to the amassing repairs, expensive high-security equipment such as: bullet-proof windows, heavy-duty safes, sophisticated alarm systems and CCTV, also had to be installed to guarantee the safety of her client’s jewellery. So, an attractive and high-performance lighting solution was needed not only to help create a luxurious shopping environment but also be cost-effective and sustainable.

the brief

Jewellery is the definition of a luxury item and, as such, it occupies an area of retail where people often make expensive decisions. To increase sales and profitability, luminaires were selected to enhance the craftsmanship and quality of the products whilst creating a comfortable and elegant retail environment. With consideration of the previous construction and security expenses, energy-efficiency and low cost of ownership were also key factors that would help Ms Appleton balance the books.

Alex Appleton’s handcrafted jewellery is designed on-site using an assortment of

gemstones with either silver, gold or platinum. These materials are highly reflective and require specific lighting conditions to shine in their full glory. Ms Appleton was looking to achieve that characteristic “sparkle” or “twinkle” that would immediately entice potential customers. Careful consideration of light intensity, suitable colour temperatures and effective use of angled lighting (to control unwanted shadows and glare), was needed to bring about the brilliance and scintillating effect of the stones and highlight every detail of the intricate metalwork.

why lED?

Any professional in the jewellery industry will testify to the importance of lighting in giving their store a competitive edge. With the rapid technological advancements in LED technology, Dexretail has developed a comprehensive range of future-proof products to cater for the diverse and changing requirements of retail lighting. For jewellers, this means that Dexretail’s LED range can offer flexibility and a superior light quality whilst cutting electrical bills by at least 60% with a typical installation, compared to legacy light sources. The long-life and low-maintenance benefits of LED sources also allow new systems to be more cost-effective and hassle-free in the long-term.

the solution

The Pro-Light MINI spotlights – Versatility without compromise

The Pro-Light Mini range has been developed to offer retailers aesthetic appeal, premium performance and flexibility in a single package. With flexibility being a top priority for retail spaces, this unique family of products features four different body types (Fixed, Gimbal, Wallwash and Scoop) and is available in black, sliver, grey and white, in both square and circular housings, to complement a range of interior designs and colour branding schemes.

Manufactured in high-quality die cast aluminium, these durable and attractive luminaires can be supplied with either specular or semi-specular reflectors, with a choice of 20°, 40° and 60° beam angles, to provide superb multi-directional accent and display lighting. A practical twist-lock system also allows reflectors to be easily replaced once


installed, in order to adapt to future changes in store layout.

For the jewellery store, a number of specular, 40° luminaires were positioned at various locations, ensuring each point of sales was brightly lit at different angles to avoid shadows casting on the products.

To add to the palette of lighting effects, the Pro-Light Mini can be supplied in both CRI80+ and CRI98 for areas where colour rendering and definition are essential to motivate sales. At the sales desk, full-spectrum lighting will allow products to shine at their best when taken out to view.

Offering a range of lumen outputs between 1400lm and 4000lm to achieve various degrees of light intensity with colour temperatures of 3000k and 4000k, the luminaire allows retailers to fine-tune the ambience of their showrooms.

As brightness and maximum visibility were key criteria for the project, a high 3000lm version, in a “cool white” 4000k colour temperature, was utilised for the entire shop floor. This also allowed for a smooth transition between the high levels of natural daylight entering from the front of the store, to the artificial lighting at the rear.

In addition to lowering electricity bills, the Pro-Light Mini can create savings through quick, and cost-effective installation. The luminaire can be supplied with prewired leads of choice to minimise installation times and its simple retractive spring clips facilitate fitting further whilst providing compatibility for a 0.5mm to 22mm ceiling thickness on plasterboard, mineral fibre or metal tile.

MODLED Slim recessed luminaire – Efficiency, comfort and versatility

The MODLED Slim recessed luminaire was used as the store’s primary lighting, acting as a strong and even backdrop for the spotlights. Since its release, this range has enjoyed continued success across various sectors due to its versatility and premium performance. Offering lumen outputs between 1750 and 15,200lm in three different body sizes, the luminaire can be used effectively for either retrofit or new-build applications to minimise energy consumption and capital cost of installation. Advanced optic panels offer up to 93% transmission of its high-efficiency Lumileds LEDs and excellent diffusion, providing maximum visual comfort and clarity for browsing customers.

A 3500lm version (compliant with BSEN 12464 glare limit) in a 4000k colour temperature, was used to obtain the desired light intensity and maintain a consistency of tone throughout the store. Suitable for lay-in or pull-up installation, in both 15mm and 24mm exposed T suspended ceiling systems, the MODLED Slim was quickly and easily installed in the building’s ceiling grids.

Compatible with a range of sensors and lighting controls, both the Pro-Light Mini and MODLED Slim were provided with Switch dimming functions, giving Ms Appleton further control and flexibility to adjust the lighting to suit her needs.

All LED products featured in this project were covered by Dextra Group’s comprehensive 5 year warranty for additional peace of mind.

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(+44) 01747 858100