Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia is a well-known train operating company providing the majority of regional train services throughout the East of England. The company conducts most of its services from its Central London Terminus based at London Liverpool Street and operates throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, stretching as far as the Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire area.

Innovative and forward-thinking, Greater Anglia is no stranger to investing in improving it’s railway services. In fact, the company’s long haul investment of £1.5 billion looks to transform future journeys across its network by the end of 2020, with new, spacious trains, free Wi-Fi, more frequent services, more accurate timetables and more peak-time spaces into London.

As part of their latest investment initiative they were looking for a lighting solution that would not only meet the new lighting standard RIS-7016-INS, but would also improve the passenger lit environment, maximise energy savings, lower carbon emissions and help eliminate lamp maintenance costs by use of proven LED technology and controls.


Dexeco had previously worked with Greater Anglia on station re-light projects and had a proven track record of delivering large scale roll-out programs, working both with other Train Operating Companies and directly with Network Rail.

Because of the existing relationship, range of railway focused products and outstanding service levels, Dexeco were the obvious partner to team up with Greater Anglia and Hollywell Building Services, as installing partner, to deliver this major project.

The Opus Column top was selected to replace all existing open platform lighting across the entire route, which comprised more than 100 stations and over 3,000 individual heads. Combined with the bespoke Reacta 11 integral sensor, which offers presence detection, and a host of adjustable parameters including time delays, dimming levels, and optional secondary time delays, all programmed from ground level, the Opus Column offered the versatile controlled solution that Greater Anglia were looking for.

The Opus Column optics were specially designed to provide a very broad asymmetric spread, to comply with minimum lux levels requirements on both horizontal and vertical plans in all rail platform applications, even where wider existing column spacing are in use.

Available with various spigot sizes, and NEMA socket compatible options to provide functionality such as daylight harvesting and RF remote control and monitoring, the Opus Column is the perfect match for this environment.

Following completion of the project, Andrew Barnes, Senior Asset Manager for Greater Anglia stated:

“Working with Dexeco we have replaced our open platform lighting with their Opus Column range as part of Greater Anglia’s commitment to energy and carbon reduction as well as continuous investment in infrastructure to improve the passenger experience. The delivery, service, product quality and adaptability were excellent and the combination of the LED source and presence sensors deliver consistent energy savings in line with our expectations”


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(+44) 01747 858100