Dexeco’s bespoke LED retrofit solution brings value-for-money, practicality and energy-efficiency to Almac Group’s clinical production facilities in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

After undertaking a study to assess the efficiency of the existing fluorescent lighting, the global pharmaceutical organisation’s management team, identified key issues concerning high maintenance and running costs, uneven light levels and reduced quality of light.

Due to the pharmaceutical industry’s strict hygiene regulations and procedures, the luminaires in the production rooms were installed in unventilated enclosures to ensure full access for cleaning, and were to be left untampered. The problem, however, was that over time, the resulting heat build-up affected the lumen

maintenance and control functions of each fixture, causing the following issues:

  • Discoloured diffusers
  • Reduced lifespan of control gear and lamps
  • Increased failure rate of components

To keep light levels as required in each areas, the Group had to adopt expensive, and often disruptive, maintenance routines to frequently change lamps and perform repairs.

Bespoke Retrofit Service + LED = Fast ROI’s & Low Cost of Ownership

Keen to resolve these lighting problems promptly and cost-effectively, Almac Clinical Services contacted several companies to provide samples and quotes for the new lighting. Out of the list of competitors, leading electrical suppliers, AJ Hurst of Belfast, won the contract by proposing to retrofit Dexeco’s customised LED gear trays into the production room’s existing housing enclosures. The advantage of this approach is that it significantly lowers the total cost of ownership of the installation, avoiding the expense and impracticality of replacing the luminaires completely and altering the ceiling’s infrastructure.

Upgrading to LED was the first step towards a more sustainable system, as compared to fluorescent lamps, high-quality LED chips are more power-efficient, have far longer lifespans, and have

an extended lumen maintenance (maintain their light intensity for longer). The reliability and long life of the latest Lumileds LEDs used in Dexeco’s products, will therefore ensure that the installation will perform as it was intended to for longer, providing uniform light levels throughout the premises, with minimal maintenance.

At the production facility, this meant replacing the existing fluorescent gear trays (which varied in three different configurations 2x58W 1500x600mm, 4x58W 1500x600mm and 3x55W 600x600mm), with 310 made-to-measure LED trays offering a 3500 lumen output. Out of these, 67 were emergency units, and 15 were installed with dimmable drivers to allow staff to adjust the lighting when light-sensitive products are handled. Previously, less practical light filters were applied for this purpose.

“The outcome has been highly successful with management and staff appreciating the even light levels, as well as a reduction in electricity and maintenance costs” – Almac Clinical Services

Installation was carried out by AJ Hurst quickly and efficiently over consecutive weekends to minimise disruption to Almac’s manufacturing operations, whilst closely abiding to the strict regulatory procedures of the site’s controlled environments.

At the final stages of the project, Dexreco – Dextra Group’s waste management subsidiary, saved Almac both the hassle and the cost of disposing of all the obsolete lighting

equipment, by collecting the old fittings free of charge and recycling them in compliance with WEEE regulations.

Overall, the project shows how far Dexeco’s bespoke service can go to meet the exacting demands of unique environments, offering solutions that are not only tailored to the client’s specific needs but also extremely cost-effective, sustainable and future-proofed for years to come.

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(+44) 01747 858100