The latest generation of the highly successful Verteco range


The Verteco range has long been a mainstay of the lighting market for industrial, warehousing and logistics applications. With a unique range of features and functions including integral sensor control for use up to 18M height, remote control programming, highly efficient optics and a design that allowed for extremely quick and simple installation the Verteco range provides one of the quickest payback periods of any product in this marketplace.

The next generation of the Verteco builds on this success, incorporating all of the original features that have made it so popular with some of the largest logistics companies in the world yet introducing a wide range of new features to help enhance the functionality of the range and improve the payback period.

The Verteco 3 includes a wireless linking feature as an optional extra, allowing the sensor to trigger adjacent luminaires so that lighting follows the movement of staff around the building. This predictive lighting system will improve the safety and working environment for employees by increasing lux levels in their area and allowing improved visibility along aisles, whilst reducing power consumption by allowing shorter time delays to be set.

Quick and simple installation has always been key to the Verteco. Reduced installation costs provide faster return on investment whilst also minimising downtime and inconvenience on site during the installation process. These features have again been enhanced with the Verteco which is now able to incorporate a wide range of connectors and electrical adaptors for all common trunking systems on the market.

As with previous generations of the Verteco, efficiency is key to ensuring the lowest possible lifetime cost of ownership. New optical designs will both improve optical efficiency and reduce power consumption, whilst ensuring that light is placed precisely where needed allowing for lower lumen packages to be used.


  • CE
  • IP20
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