The Kanopy provides a rapid return on investment through a combination of low cost installation, highly efficient LED sources and sensor control.


Lighting petrol station forecourts can be extremely costly especially when operating a 24 hour premises when the filling area must be lit throughout the night but customer visits may be infrequent in the early hours of the morning. The Kanopy must be lit effectively so as not to deter potential customers however the energy costs incurred by doing so can be extremely high, the Dexeco Kanopy luminaire provides a simple solution to this problem.

Dexeco can also offer a range of custom sized trims to suit the existing cut out in your canopy to ensure that no expensive modifications are required during installation.

With two sensor options, the R11 sensor for presence detection and the R44 sensor for both presence detection and daylight regulation, the Kanopy can be programmed to dim back to lower output during periods of absence ensuring that the canopy remains lit whilst providing large energy savings throughout the night. Both sensor types can be programmed with our REA-AP controller from ground level ensuring that the settings can be easily modified allowing you to customise how long the luminaire remains at full output for and the level to which it dims back to along with a range of other customisable settings.

The Kanopy provides rapid return on investment against both fluorescent and HID luminaires through a combination of low cost installation, highly efficient LED sources providing up to 125 luminaire lumens per circuit watt and sensor control ensuring that the luminaire is only operating when necessary but without compromising the appearance of the station during hours of darkness.

  • CE
  • IP65
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