The Ecopak LED footprint matches that of a typical T8 batten so allows quick and simple one for one replacement.


Our Ecopak range of battens has offered quick and simple replacement of existing luminaires with energy efficient sources and sensor control for many years and has enjoyed a great deal of success with several of our blue chip clients. The Ecopak LED brings these same benefits combined with the increased energy efficiency and low maintenance of an LED source giving even greater return on investment.

The Ecopak LED allows for quick and simple installation with one for one replacement of existing luminaires. The footprint matches that of a typical fluorescent T8 batten and all sensor variants require only live, earth and neutral connections with no need to modify external wiring or install a BUS system yet providing the benefits of presence detection, daylight regulation and remote control programming dependent on sensor type selected. This installation is further simplified with a two part construction with rear spine and one piece clip in gear tray and diffuser allowing the spine to be mounted before electrical connections are made and the gear tray snapped into place.

The Ecopak LED is available with our R21 sensor for on / off control  presence detection up to 4m mounting height, our R44 sensor for digital dimming presence detection and daylight regulation up to 7m and our R14 sensor for high level use between 4m and 18m with digital dimming presence detection and daylight regulation. Both the R44 and R14 sensors offer remote control programming from ground level allowing for quick and simple luminaire commissioning allowing the sensor function to be tailored to suit your environment and maximise your energy savings.

All EPK LED luminaires are available with integral emergency pack and a range of optics providing open area or narrow distributions to allow for replacement of fluorescent battens installed with trough or high rack reflectors.  Now available with white tunable.

  • CE
  • IP20
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