Bright prospects for Dextra luminaire ranges in business centre development

An Aberdeen-based business centre has undergone an impressive £125,000 refurbishment, with workers benefiting from brighter working environments.

Prospect Park Business Centre, currently under development, is home to four individual office sites for oil-based companies which include Blue Sky and Bibby Offshore, that offer services to both the oil and gas industry.

A number of luminaires were installed during the project, with products utilised from the Discalo, Amenity and Solution ranges.

The multi-functional Discalo can be used in numerous settings including reception areas, restaurants, bars and retail. This popular product can also provide lighting solutions to stairways, corridors and feature walls.

Forming part of the Amenity range, the Discalo fluorescent ceiling lighting offers an attractive luminaire giving a halo effect with a choice of two colour options to suit individual preferences. A combination of maximum efficiency and a long lamp life is guaranteed due to the Discalo’s deAn attractive blue halo effect compliments the setting thanks to the Discalo. sign to accommodate T5 circular lamps only.

The T5 fluorescent lighting product is manufactured with a die-cast aluminium base and body size, allowing for minimal heat loss.

The Discalo is offered with a host of different options including either 40w or 55w T5 circular lamps and an array of dimming options including DSI, switch dimming and DALI.

Offering energy saving lighting solutions, the Discalo is also available with an integral microwave sensor. The ability to customise the eye-catching halo effect is possible through two colour options within the rear diffuser of the Discalo.

The blue halo effect offers a significant decorative finish in environments such as receptions, eateries and retail, while the white halo effect is a suitable alternative for stairways and corridors. Recessed lighting in the form of the Solution ECA was a popular choice within the project.

Recessed lighting has been provided in the form of the Solution ECA. This light fitting can provide solutions for commercial lighting, education lighting, university lighting and office lighting.

The Solution ECA has amongst the best performance in Dextra Lighting’s recessed modular range of light fittings, boasting light output ratios of 85% allowing 3M x 2.4M in an office setting.

The ceiling lighting design is also offered in a range of body sizes and T5 lamp combinations, and has the ability to successfully operate alongside a variety of integral and standalone sensors.

The Prospect Park development is now home to the Amenity Decorative Halo. Applications suitable for this product include stairwells, corridors and utility areas among others. Customer’s individual preferences are fulfilled through either wall or ceiling mounting capabilities.
The Amenity Decorative Halo offers a functional and eye-catching effect to stairwells. The product is manufactured with an IP20 polycarbonate body and diffuser and offers an integral 3-hour maintained emergency option.

Once again, Dextra’s extensive range of popular light fittings provide brighter environments in refurbishments scaling the length of the UK.

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(+44) 01747 858100