Apprenticeship Success

Dextra Group plc. are proud of their two apprentices, Lewis Flynn and Adam Gautrey, who have both recently completed their training with the company and been offered full time employment.  The two apprentices were selected after a skills test and interview from a group of around twenty shortlisted applicants.

Both Lewis and Adam started the apprenticeship at 18 and 17 years old after completing their A levels, both achieving good grades that could of led to University if they had decided to follow that route. They both decided that this was not the path for them and were looking for an opportunity for a career in a well-established company.  Their apprenticeship ran from the 18th August 2016 to the 1st June 2018 and during this time our training provider WTTL has supported Lewis and Adam in achieving the NVQ level 2 qualification in Logistic Operations and Employee Rights and Responsibilities in the Logistic Industry.

Through Dextra they have both had experience with Goods in and Goods Out, Transport Office and driver duties which is rotated every few months. They have also gained certification in operating counterbalance and reach trucks and operating JLG/Genie mobile vertical platforms. The apprentices worked through all 23 internal training modules for keys tasks in the departments and were shown how to understand and interpret information from WMS and DERP (Dextra’s bespoke enterprise resource planning software).

The apprentices are reviewed via assessment each month to discuss content of the apprenticeship, expectations of the employer and the apprentice and the mentoring of skill and learning that is required for future tasks.

After the successful completion of this phase they are not only offered full time employment within Logistics at Dextra Group but given an opportunity to participate in  a drivers apprenticeship that will give them skills and qualification to operate HGV.

Both apprentices have commented that:

 “I chose to take an apprenticeship at Dextra as opposed to other forms of further education as I saw this as an opportunity to open more doors into the world of work experience, but also it gave me the additional income to make everyday life easier.” – Lewis Flynn

 “I feel that if I had taken the route of further education I would not be the person I am today. By completing my apprenticeship at Dextra I have grown a lot more confident and enjoy the challenges that arise from working in a fast paced logistic sector.” – Adam Gautrey


By offering a full time position when the apprenticeship is complete Dextra will benefit from its investment of bespoke training, workplace skills and personal development that will see young people secure a long term career, proving they are reliable, conscientious, punctual and professional and they will have the opportunity to fulfil their personal ambitions within the business.